Monday, February 20, 2012

Lots of Fun...

We haven't been short of things to do over the past week, and what fun we have had.

Island Fun...we picked up Glynn  and Sylvia and headed to South Padre.  On the way, we stopped in Harlingen at the Marine Military Academy, home of the


Iwo Jima memorial.  We knew Glynn would enjoy seeing the memorial and the and going through the


museum.  He did!

Then it was on to South Padre Island.  We had a great lunch at


Black Beards.  Yummy grilled shrimp, fried shrimp and fish, and stuffed crab with all the trimmings.  After that lunch, we decided to take a walk


on the beach.  Sylvia found lots of shells for her granddaughter.  The


water was a little cold, know, first thing I did was put my feet in to test it out.



gulls were having a fun day as well.

After our time on the beach, we headed back across the causeway into Port Isabel.  We made a stop by the


light house and


light keepers house.  Sylvia and I found an


open market and


couple of shops where we did a little shopping.

After all the beach walking and shopping, Glynn and Mark thought they deserved a stop at the local Dairy Queen .

What a great day.

Fishing Fun...Last Friday, Mark invited Glynn to go Deep Sea Fishing with some of the guys from here at Retama.  Glynn did great and caught his limit of Red Snapper and

Glenn's Fish 

this big Grouper.  Now, while Glynn was having fun, Mark was pretty sea sick.  However, he did bring home his

Mark Fishing

limit of Red Snapper.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed a concert at La Joya High School.  What a talented group of teens - No Photographs

Bull Fight Fun...Yesterday, we drove about an hour northwest of Mission to La Gloria to the


Bloodless Bull Fights.

Once we were all


seated, and prior to the fights, we were entertained with



Then the parade


began and the


matadors were introduced.

It was then time for the show to began and


a good show it was.  And while the matador was providing an exciting afternoon for us, the bull provided a little excitement for


the matador.  She was just fine!  And,the show


continued until she removed the flowers from the bull, which represents the ceremonial kill.  For this fight she was awarded


2 ears and a other words...she did a great job in bull fight talk!

What a fun afternoon, a fun weekend, a fun last several days with lots of friends.  And, in the mist of the fun we have been having, I noticed today that warmer weather is sneaking in and the


flowers are blooming and the


butterflies are returning.  Looks like more fun days are in store.

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  1. I have thought about taking up bull fighting. It has to be safer than fighting with Sherri...So glad to see you are having a good time. We hope to be doing that next year.

    Sherri and Joe