Saturday, May 3, 2014

Time Moves On...

While spending time in Fort Worth with family, we were able to enjoy the kids and grandkids.  And, as usual, they kept us hopping!  There were


cooking classes and


gymnastics classes with Kourtney.



Kinley, trying to convince her mom she is ready for gymnastics.  Or, that she is old enough


to join in with her friends at the 50's dance at Kourtney's school.

Then there were lots of baseball games for


Caden and



Caden likes getting to try out a


new position.

And, Zachary's team


while playing really hard, had to learn the agony of defeat.

Andrew is growing up...and at almost 17 he is busy with school and working.  He has a job at the Dr. Pepper Center where he drives the Zamboni.  And, now that he is driving, we enjoy him dropping in now and then for an unexpected visit.

Lauren too is growing up and is always surrounded with lots of girl friends.  We did however, have the change to have an


early birthday party for these four before leaving town.  They even agreed that they could


share their cake! 

And,  then, and still, the hardest part of this RVing lifestyle is when we leave them all behind.  I don't know that that part will ever be easy for me.

But, time moves on, and Pop had the


new refrigerator/freezer in place and the motor home


shining!  Time to head for


Goshen, Indiana to help prepare for the 2014 Escapade.  And, over the past few weeks, we have all worked hard.  But, we have left time to play, and, what a great place to play.  I love being in the middle of the


Amish country.  I love their homes and barns, and seeing them


parked in the same parking lots where we park our cars, and

DSC_0163 .

shop in the stores...what a treat!

We had the opportunity to enjoy a real Amish meal prepared and served by Levi and Ester in their home.  What a beautiful home they have and what beautiful people they are.  Our dinner started out with fresh baked rolls served with homemade butter and jams.  Next came a wonderful slaw salad followed by baked chicken, baked steak, stuffing, corn, and mashed potatoes.  Of, course, there was lots of chicken gravy to top off that stuffing and those potatoes!  And, just when you thought you would pop, Ester came back with seconds.  And, for sure, when you thought you couldn't hold one more bite...yes...Ester was returning!  But, this time she came bearing chocolate cream pie, rhubarb cream pie, and a dish of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.

The food is not the only thing around here that is good in Amish country.  There are also lots of great craftsmen in the area.  And, ever since our last visit here in 2010, Mark knew that someday he would be back, and when he came back, he was getting himself a new


chair.  And, it could come from nowhere, but Lambright's.  And, another item on his list was to look up Carlyle at Focal Wood Products and have a


support leg made for our free standing table.

Lots of fun days, but, then it was back to work...

And, even the light dusting of snow, the still cool temperatures, and some pretty grey drizzly days, time has moved on, and now we find ourselves almost at the end of time.  The weather is promising to warm up and the Escapade staff will start arriving this week and by this time next week, our general attendees will be arriving, and Escapade 2014 will be underway.  And, we look forward to the time we spend with old friends and the chance that we will make a new friend or two.

So, for now, as time moves on, I must go.  But, check in over the next two weeks and enjoy the fun we will be having here in Goshen, Indiana.  Wishing you were all here with us!

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  1. We are on our way. Looking forward to the visit and some fun times.