Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heading South

With Christmas behind us, we were both ready to get things packed up and head south for warmer temperatures.  So, yesterday, we finished up with a few errands, had our family good-bye hugs, and


were ready to roll.  Our destination San Antonio for a couple of nights and then on to the Rio Grande Valley by the end of the week.

As we headed out,


the weather was less than desirable.  The traffic through




Austin, and


San Antonio was crazy.  Did everyone want to go South today?

And, just as crazy as the traffic are the


fuel prices we saw.  I told Mark I was thankful that this year we were only going to the RGV and that it would only take one tank of fuel to get there.  Maybe by Spring the price will come down. LOL

It was


getting dark by the time we made it to the cut off to Brauning Lake RV Park.  The office had already closed, but our reservation was waiting for us on the door.  We wandered through the park, missed our street, and had to make a loop, but soon were settled into our site.

John and Brenda were there to meet us.  Brenda had prepared dinner…Taco Soup, Cornbread, and Spinach/Raspberry Salad.  After driving all day in the rain, it was perfect.  Thanks again, Brenda.

Jim, Ellie, Rod, and Deb were off on a day trip to the Fredericksburg and Johnson City area, but arrived back to the RV Park in time for a short visit before we all called it a night.

This morning Jim and Ellie were knocking on our door looking to make a plan for the day.  Soon, the others followed one by one.  It was decided that we would just hang out and gather later for


Happy Hour,


snacks, and


a little football.

Later, Jim


started a fire which led to


grilling hamburgers.

The evening chill ran us in, but that didn’t keep us from enjoying a great dinner with some great friends.  Thanks Jim and Ellie for hosting…and Jim, you haven’t lost your touch for grilling a great burger!

Our day passed too quick and soon


the sun was setting not only the day, but on our brief visit here with friends.  Tomorrow, Mark and I will be heading on to the Rio Grande Valley, while the others prepare for their journey West.

When, with RVing friends, we never really say good-bye, but, see you later.  And, we do look forward to catching up with this bunch again real soon!  We love you all and can’t wait until the next time.


  1. Our time with you guys here was WAY too short!! Sure wish you weren't heading out tomorrow. :(

    Deb & Rod

  2. Glad to hear Jim hasn't lost his grilling touch since we will be joining up with them soon.