Thursday, December 30, 2010

Return to Retama

We were up early this morning and almost ready to pull out when


Brenda came over to say "see you later".   She was still


waving and taking pictures as we pulled out.  Hopefully, we get to see them again next summer or early fall.

The weather was a little dreary


when we left.  But, there was a promise of afternoon sunshine.

From San Antonio to the Rio Grande Valley is the easier part of the trip, and there isn't


much to see as you travel south down 281.



Falfurrias, the Border Patrol was already busy this morning.  Before, we knew it, we were


back in the thick of traffic and almost to the McAllen cutoff.  From this point, we are about 20 miles from Retama.

We stopped for fuel, which by the way was only $3.09.  That was the cheapest we had seen since leaving Fort Worth.



a few miles from Highway 83 down Bentsen Palm Drive, to


Lark Drive...the sunshine was waiting to welcome us back.  In fact, it was 85 degrees today...which is just right for me.

We had only  one little glitch today.  Somewhere in the last mile


we picked up a piece of metal in the front tire of the Jeep.  Mark took it off and went to the Tire Shop, but they weren't able to fix it.  So, we had to replace our two week old tire.  Bummer...I am just glad it happened so close to our destination and not out on the road in the middle of nowhere.

Once, he was back from getting the tire taken care of, we finished setting up, got in a little visiting, and dinner.  We are now going to just sit back and enjoy our return to Retama.


  1. Sorry to see you gone, but glad you made it safely down to your Retama spread. Curious whether having a Pressure Pro would have saved that tire though? I am always worried that without mine I wouldn't realize the tire was flat till I had run it right off and maybe not even till the smoke started.

  2. WELCOME back. Looking forward to seeing you again, but it will probably be next year.