Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Crafty Kind of Day...

Before I get to today, here is an answer to a comment from yesterday's blog...

Sandra...thanks for your comments...we always enjoy hearing from you.

I just wish Tim Horton's was local...I had to order the coffee from Indiana.  I should have purchased a case or two when we where in Canada and the Northeast.  But, at least I know I can get it shipped right to my door.

Now, to answer your comment about our winter travel...I guess it could always change, but for now we are here.  We enjoy traveling all year, but the winter choices and destinations for us and our likes are few. And, especially when we end our fall travels, start and end our winter travels in Fort Worth.  We decided that the RGV for now was going to be our winter home.  And, I have to say...I was the one not totally in favor of here, but...we reasoned out our situation and agreed that this, was a good choice.

Now, I have to say, I love it here.  We have a fun piece of property, a great community, and have made some lasting friendships...just to add to the already large number of RVing friends we have across the country (and Canada)!

So for now and until we decide differently, we will come to our little part of the RGV.  And, if, along the way, we decide it isn't what we want to do, I will just place the property into the seasonal rental pool.

Again, thanks for your comments...wish you were here to enjoy it with us.

Now...on to today...

We woke to a windy, but beautiful day.  After breakfast Mark decided the new tile had dried enough for the sealer, so he gathered his supplies and headed to the coach house to take care of that project.  I headed off to the clubhouse craft room to check in on today's group.

Last week, we learned to appliqué the tea towels.  Today, Pat brought


lots of samples for us to see and


patterns for us to share and


copy.  Thanks Pat for sharing your talents and the patterns.

I mentioned a while back that Kathy, our next door neighbor makes stained glass windows, and that I had ask if she would be interested in doing on for me.  She agreed and said when ever you are ready.  So, last week she came and did some measuring and we


settled on a pattern.

Yesterday, she and I made a trip to the McAllen Stained Glass Studio to shop for glass.  I wish I had taken my camera.  I have never seen so much beautiful glass.  I also didn't realize how hard it was to pick out the right colors.  Much harder than painting a mixing and shading these colors.

But, after a couple of hours, and some help from the owner of the studio, we found


just the right combinations.  I am not sure who is more excited, Kathy or me.

This morning early, she was out in her workshop...her coach house...and was busily making a pattern...which she promptly


cut into a zillion little pieces.  Each piece was then assigned a number that matched a number and a color on her main pattern board.

Soon she was cutting and


grinding glass.  By late this afternoon Kathy


was placing the glass pieces onto the pattern.

This afternoon, Sue, another friend and neighbor, had time to come a help me with my newest endeavor...


learning to knit.  I am not sure that I will conquer this one, but I am not going to give up quite yet.  Sue assures me it just takes a lot of practice.  We will see.

Even with all the crafting that went on today, Mark and I still found time to join several others to enjoy a dip in the pool and some hot tub time.  This evening, Mark grilled some yummy steaks and turkey mignons that we purchased from Schwan's.

What a great day.  Life is Good in the RGV!


  1. I love stain glass, excited to see your finished product.

  2. We have two Tim Horton's in our little town here and several more in gas stations.

    Love the stained glass. You little casita will be lovely!

  3. I am dying to see the finished stained glass project.

  4. No Tim Hortons in MO. I saw some on I-70 in Ohio, if you can e-mail us the address where you order yours from or the website here is my e-mail, Thanks Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Aren't you just becomming the crafty one... LOL Loved the stain glass window and I an anxious to see it done... Sounds like you're settling in nicely and I am glad you are happy!
    Have fun & travel safe

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