Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Texas

It has always been said..."if you don't like the Texas weather, just hang on, it will change in a day or so"!  And, that is exactly what has been happening for the last week or so around here in the RGV.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a beautiful weekend with temps in the 80's and no wind...but, we then had to brace ourselves.  We watched and waited as the weather went from beautiful to just down right cold.

We braved the cold winds and went out to spend an afternoon with friends.  We met Chuck and Kathy and Roger and Barb at an area RV Park and enjoyed a musical show, Bernie and Red.  Afterwards, we all went to Rudy's for dinner.  Great show, great food, and great friends.  Sorry no pictures...I guess it was so cold that none of us bothered to bring along a camera to document the day's activities. LOL

Then the cold turned to colder and we had to


cover all of our plants.

And, if the cold and colder wasn't enough...we even had to endure a short time of


of freezing rain.  Now, just when is the last time you saw icicles on a palm tree?  Just something not right about that picture.

It was reported that the last weather like this was in 1989.  TXDOT closed down


about 150 miles of roads from West of Rio Grande City to South Padre and from Raymondville to Harlingen.

Thank goodness, that didn't linger and like I said, just hang around and the weather will change.  And, over the next few days, we found the temperature warm enough that we enjoyed one afternoon in the pool.

We even had a super Super Bowl Sunday...and enjoyed


friends, food, and a little football.



nice fire


allowed us to stay outside and enjoy the Green Bay victory.

I was able to capture


the sun as it set on a fun day.

However, I hate to say, that our couple of warm days, turned to cold and once again the


plants had to be covered.  We are now patiently waiting for the nightly freeze warnings to lift and our days to warm.

Even with the cold weather, we have managed to stay busy.

Ramon came and finished


the tile work.  And, we talked to him about another project.

We knew we wanted to replace the plastic shower unit with a custom tile shower, but thought it would be a project for later.  However, as Mark was trying to re-calk the shower, he found a our later has become now.  Ramon gave us the measurements and we have spent the last several days tile shopping.  And, tomorrow, Ramon will be here to start tearing out and replacing.

Yesterday, was our monthly ladies luncheon and the the theme for the day was "Mad Hatters".  We all had a great time decorating hats for the occasion...

Some hats were


silly, some were


frilly, some were


fancy, while others


were in tune with nature.

These are the hats


that were worn by the ladies at our table.

  What a great time we had, and as always the


food (tea and crumpets) and the


fellowship was top notch.

Today in craft class we had fun making


tea towels.

Thanks Pat for sharing your talent and teaching us how to make our own towels.

Lorraine proudly


shows us her masterpiece.

  I can't wait until next week to see some of the other patterns.

After class, Mark and I made a run into town to pick up the last of the supplies for Ramon and shower project.  Then tonight...

we went to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse and met up  with a big group of the Retama gang to see Algeria, a Cirque Du Soleil Show.  It was more than awesome.

Now, we are snuggled back in our warm motor home, were we are watching the late news/weather which is forecasting yet another chilly night, but our days are beginning to warm little by little and by the weekend maybe the temps will be in the 70's.

Yes, this is Texas, and if you don't like the weather today...just wait a day or two and it will change...


  1. YAYYYYY go Packers!

    Ya know, we will trade our 25 to 30 below wind chills with your weather ANY day you want? LOL

    Your hats are awesome, what creativity! You gals sure know how to have fun.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. I love the hats, the food look pretty good also.