Sunday, January 30, 2011

What A Weekend

Projects continue...

After the new cabinets were installed, we anxiously awaited the painter to come and work his magic.  And, when he had come and gone several times, we were


more than pleased with his work.

On Friday, I went to pick out the tile for the counter top.  Ramon will be here on Tuesday to install the counter top and backsplash.

I put the finishing touches on the


bathroom, adding this over the toilet shelf.  And, as soon as I pick out the pattern, Kathy, our next door neighbor is going to make me a piece of stained glass for the little window.  I can't wait.

I also did a little redecorating outside.  I found a


new butterfly for the front of the coach house.  So, I hung him


opposite the dragonfly, and moved the flowers


to the gate at the back.  Much better!

In the midst of all the work, we were happy to have Fort Worth friends,


Roy and Toni Knight, and their baby, Sadie, stop in for a visit.  Roy and Mark worked together at the fire department.  We spent the day enjoying the warm weather and catching up.

Then, as the weekend approached, we busied ourselves getting ready for our annual Western Night.  It was a big night...the clubhouse


took on a western theme, and everyone


put on their best duds and came to enjoy a fun evening.

Even, Mark


found himself a hat.



food was good and the


entertainment enjoyable.

Today was another busy day, as it was the annual "Walk Through The Village".  This is a sales promotion day for Retama, but, a fun day, where everyone opens their coach houses for an open house.

And, with temps in the upper 80's,


balloons flying, and


doors open, we were ready for our afternoon guests.

It was fun to show off our handiwork and share with those interested in our Village.  We were excited to see Barb and Roger, Escapee friends.  They said they had been following our project through the blog and wanted to come see for themselves.  It was great to see them, and we look forward to catching up with them and Cathy and Chuck later next week.

After a full day, we all decided to take ourselves to Applebee's for dinner which concluded a full weekend.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a great job! Looks like you are all set!

  2. The coach house is looking mighty nice with your personal touches in place.

  3. You have come a long way with the Coach House. It sure looks nice and your choice of decor fits everything perfect. Mark might want to put his name in the hat for a part in one of them western movies.

  4. You two have done a great job! You are so lucky to have a nice place like this to hang your hat...Mark I wouldn't hang your's however...not a good choice...Stick to baseball caps...

    Love Ya