Sunday, January 9, 2011

Staying Busy

As we continue enjoy beautiful days with warm temperatures, the fun, fellowship, and projects keep us busy.



Mark was anxious to get back to his fence building.  So, it was up with


the rails...I even


gave him a helping hand.  Wish I could hang around and help,'s time for me to head to water aerobics.

After a full day, it was time to clean up and get a


side dish prepared for the


First Friday Night Cookout.  Everyone brings their own meat to grill and a side dish...soon,


there is a whole buffet.

We were glad


to welcome back Bruce and Linda from their trip home for the holidays.



our group is complete!

A great evening.

Saturday morning, Mark was up and heading to the clubhouse for coffee while I was busy getting ready for line dancing.  I made it through the beginner's class and most of the way through the intermediate class.  What fun.  I wish it were every day.

Okay, time to get back to the projects.  Mark and I made a run into town to Home Depot, where we found


one plant and the stepping stones for the center bed.  We also picked up


a few more blocks to add a row for the fence.

The afternoon passed by quick, and soon it was time to clean up and get ready to meet up with several other couples.  A few of us gathered at the clubhouse, enjoyed dinner, visiting, and few games of Wii Bowling.

Even after an overnight rain, this morning dawned a beautiful day.  We opted for the later morning church service today and enjoyed a great sermon by Pastor Eklund.

After church, we made a stop by Lowes to pick up the pickets for the fence.  A stop a Michael's for a new picture frame for the coach house, and a stop at the nursery for a few more plants.  By the end of the afternoon...


Mark had made a lot of progress on the fence, and


I had finished the flower bed.  Now, I am just waiting on Victor to come hook up the irrigation and add the much.

We had a nice surprise this afternoon, Niles and Sue brought us an


umbrella for the patio table.  Thanks guys, looks good!

What a great busy weekend.


  1. Just way to much fun. Wish we had your weather here and Mark to help me tape my seams. Mark your fence project looks great. You guys take care now. We're freezing here and have about 4" of that white stuff on the ground.

  2. It all looks great, hope to get by and see it in person one of these days.

    Stay Safe

  3. Things are looking great... It is a gound thing to keep busy!
    Have fun & Travel safe