Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year to you all!

Even though we went to bed way after the midnight celebration, we were up by 7:00 this morning.  We had a pretty leisure start to the day before meeting up with Garry, Pat, Bob, and Cathy.  The six of us made our way to MiMi's Cafe where we lingered over breakfast with good friends and great fellowship.

After returning to the park, Mark decided that he wanted to make a trip to Home Depot for a few supplies for his day's project.  When we retuned, he


started in with the construction of a bike rack.  He set up his work station so he could


keep one eye on the Rose Bowl game.

While he was busy with his project, I was busy with some laundry and cooking.  As with many of you, our New Year's Day menu consisted of


Southern Cooking.  We enjoyed smothered pork chops, braised cabbage with carrots, hoppin' john, and


a crustless coconut pie.

By the time I had dinner ready, Mark


had his project completed.

After dinner, we held on to the edge of our seats watching every last tick of the clock at the Rose Bowl Game....congratulations to our hometown


TCU Horn Frogs!  Way to go guys!

What a nice way to conclude our first day of the new year!

We hope you all had a great 1-1-11...and for those of our family and friends that will be traveling over the next few days, we pray for your safe travels.


  1. Even though I still think the Rose Bowl should have a Pac-10 team play a Big-10 (12) team .... I was routin for the Horn Frogs and glad to see them win!

  2. That was an awesome game and I am so glad TCU won!! I love that picture of the team with the trophy!
    Glad you got your project completed...looks good.
    Happy New Year to you and Mark!!!

  3. Glad your day was so good... Always nice to have a great start to the new year... The bike rack looks good!
    Happy New Year!
    Travel Safe