Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wow...another week gone

Another week is gone and we seem to be busier than ever, and enjoying every minute of it.

The week started off a little dreary, but the chilly mornings always seemed to give way to a beautiful afternoon.

Mark was able to put the finishing touches on the fence and a trip to Home Depot netted him a small outside storage shed.  With that behind him, he was ready to give thought to the next project.

  He had Raul come and measure


this corner of the coach house for some cabinets and shelves.  This will provide some needed storage space.  While Raul is having the cabinets made, we will be making a trip to pick out a small piece of granite for the counter top.  We should have them installed sometime this week.  Also, this week, we are having some gutter installed on the coach house.

I think once those projects are complete, the only other big item on the list is a new cabinet/vanity in the bathroom.

We also did a little more


flowerbed clean up.

One of the things we enjoy while here in the RGV is the fresh citrus products.  Every morning, we treat ourselves to


fresh squeezed orange juice.  The grapefruits, pineapples, and melons have also been outstanding.  And, with fruits now being "zero points" for Weight Watchers, it makes it all taste a lot better.

Our craft project this week was a simple


jewelry project.  We made beaded bracelets and earrings.

Here are a few of the


finished projects.

Mary Catherine


thought she might make hers long enough for a necklace.

Several of the ladies signed up for another beading session this week.  I am glad they all had so much fun.  Thanks to Donna for teaching this lesson.

Tuesday is Weight Watcher day.  We now have a group of seven ladies that get together and go into town to the weekly meeting.  Of, course, as soon as the meeting is over, we are making a lunch plan. LOL, but, we choose something healthy.  After lunch, we try to get in a shopping trip of some sort.  This week we choose the Sun Harvest store which reminds me of Trader Joe's.  I know I will be visiting there quite often.

Line Dancing has picked up the pace and I have enjoyed learning several new dances.

Yesterday, the Lark Drive gang got together and decided on an afternoon


bike ride.

We rode over to the


State Park, stopping along the way to


watch the birds.

We head that there had been a couple of bobcats sited in the park, but we never saw them.

We all had a great afternoon, but I think


Pat really enjoyed trying out Sue's recumbent bike.

Last night we all enjoyed a great dinner and some fun games at the clubhouse.

And, gosh...once again, the week was gone.

We started today and new week with sunshine, a great church service, a wonderfully warm afternoon filled with football, and look forward to yet another week of fun and friends in the RGV.

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