Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Party's Over...or is it?

Well, finally all the holiday parties are over and it is time to get back into somewhat of our normal routine.

While we are here in the Rio Grande Valley, we attend

First Baptist Church in McAllen.  We have attended services here every time we are in the area and really enjoy them.  In the past, we have attended the 10:45 am service which makes it noon or later by the time we are dismissed.  This past Sunday, we decided to give the 8:00 service a try.  It was great.  Lots of other Winter Texans and a smaller service.  We were out in time to go and enjoy a nice leisure breakfast before heading back to Retama where we enjoyed a beautiful warm afternoon.

Mark redesigned the bike rack, offsetting it, so it isn't so wide.  It looks much better.  He watched lots of football and we enjoyed a quite afternoon.

Yesterday, we woke to a cloudy cool day...I think, my facebook comment was, "who turned off the sunshine?"  I guess everyday can't be perfect, after all, it is winter.

While I was off to a craft meeting, Mark took his bike out for a spin.  We ran a few errands in the afternoon and then settled in for the evening.  We enjoyed a warm bowl of chili and some more football.

This morning, we were up early as we both had agendas.  The morning dawned with the promise of sunshine and warm temperatures.  Mark stayed busy cleaning the outside of the motor home while waiting for the tech from Safellite to come out and repair another chip in the windshield of the motor home.  Man, am I glad they don't charge us for those, but I am just wondering how many times they will fix them before we have to get a new windshield.

Today, was my Weight Watcher meeting.  And, in sharing with some of the other girls here at the park about going, it seemed that several were interested.  What fun...so today, four us attended the meeting, and a few others are planning on starting next week.

After the meeting, we went to Hobby Lobby for a little shopping.  I found


Sammy Snail and


LuLu Ladybug, who look really cute


in my flowerbed.

After shopping, we made a stop at Subway for a little lunch and a lot of girl talk.

By the time, we made it back to Retama, the afternoon had heated up quite nicely, so Mark and I got out the bikes and headed out for a ride.

Tonight was the Tuesday Night Social...so just the time that I thought...the party's over...


the party


is really just starting...


  1. Sounds like the party is never over. They just change the theme every day or so.

    Have fun and enjoy.
    Mac & Dianna

  2. Love your lawn ornaments - are they made of metal? First time writing on your blog - I enjoy reading what others are doing in their travels. Best wishes!

  3. oh I just love your new bugs. I would love to visit you guys there sometime it looks so nice. Just don't forget us old friends.

    Miss you

  4. LOVE Hobby Lobby and you got some really cute critters... They look great in your garden! The party is always happening in our lifestyles!
    Have fun & Travel Safe