Sunday, June 12, 2011

Off To Lake Murray

On Friday and Saturday, while Poppa and I worked at getting the motor home really for travel, Kourtney worked at getting


the beach toys washed, dried, and


sorted for her and Caden.

Yes, our summer "macation" 2011 with she and Caden is about to become a reality.  Our destination, Elephant Rock Campground at Lake Murray State Park just out of Ardmore, Oklahoma.

So, this morning after making a plan and


mapping out a place to meet Scott and Jennifer who would be returning from a wedding in Tulsa, we were ready to pull out.

Kourtney quickly claimed the


the front seat, telling mom, dad, and Kinley good-bye.  We weren't on the road long until I was serving


lunch to our first class passenger.

The drive up I-35 to the


Red River passed pretty fast.  Then, it became a little complicated.  We were told over the phone by the State Park office staff that the park was full for the weekend and that we probably couldn't get a spot until later today.  Since the spaces can't be reserved, we decided we would just take a look for ourselves.  However, we didn't want to drive the motor home there only to be turned away, so we came up with a plan.

We pulled into the parking lot at


Winstar Casino and parked the motor home, disconnected the Jeep and drove the 20 miles up to


Lake Murray.  We found a few vacant sites and chose the one we thought would be the best of us.  Then it was off to find the camp host and reserve the site.  I told her we needed to leave and return with the motor home.  She then told me, that we had to leave a vehicle or a person here.  Our tag on the post wasn't sufficient to hold the space.  Okay, next this time Scott and Jennifer were not too far away, so we had them come


straight to the campground.  We loaded in their car and it was off to the Winstar to pick up the motor home.

There we said our


good-byes to them, and we were once again back on the road to the Elephant Rock Campground.  Finally, by mid-afternoon, we were settled


into our spot and our little travelers were glad to be


out and off to play at the playground just across the road from our site.   Soon, it was dinner time and tonight's menu as planned by them...grilled hot dogs.

Afterwards, we still had plenty of time for a trip to the


designated swim area, and a little play time in the



Once we were back to the motor home, we took an quick


outside shower before heading in to take a real shower.  Then it was time for a snack, and time to jump into


Moppa and Poppa's bed for a bedtime movie.

Wow...what a great first day...can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. Whew, makes me tired just reading that. Glad everybody had fun!

    Deb & Rod

  2. Hope you have lots of fun..I'm sure you will.

  3. Your Grandkids are just the cutest little things ever. Have fun and it looks like a great place to camp


  4. Love the photo of Mark and the kids in the lake!

  5. How exciting, looking forward to tomorrows pics and post.