Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Down Day

Well, today was just a down day for us. I had to go to a doctor's appointment this morning, then to the bank. I was suppose to go to the post office, but passed up the exit. I have only lived here all my life. So on to plan B...I came on home and it was about lunchtime, so picked up hungry husband and off we went.

He had been wanting to get the book, Camping with the Corp of Engineers. "Thanks, Karon" so we went to Barnes and Nobles and Borders. No luck, so we decided to have lunch at Chick-fil-A. Yum, yum. Then we made a stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Didn't find what we were looking for there either. Now it is time to get to the post office. Thank goodness, there was no one there because I had 6 boxes to mail. Mark had just been there on Saturday with 10 boxes. All those special order scrapbooks I got from College Station during parent's weekend. Let me just tell you postage is almost as bad as fuel! $30.00 for mailing 6 boxes. Well, the good part of all this is that I have 16 orders down and only 7 more to go...

Enough about that...then it was on to pick up number 1 and 2 grandchildren from school. They go to the same school where our daughter teaches, so when we got there, they didn't want to come with us, they wanted to stay with Aunt KK and hang out with their friends. So, that was an empty run, well, I can't say that, we came home with one backpack and a very fragile art project.
It wasn't long however, until, Aunt KK dropped them off just in time for snacks before "Momma J" came to pick them up.

Then it was dinner time. We had just finished dinner when my mother-in-law called, she is 81, and told us that she had tried to remove something from an electrical outlet with her screwdriver and now she has NO electricity. Go figure. So Mark is off to see about what she has done.

Back to the book, Camping with the Corp of Engineers, that we started looking for today, it is not to be found. So, I came home and looked online for it, finally ended up ordering it from the publisher. If anyone is interested, I got it from Cottage Publications. The latest is the 7th edition.

Thought I would come and post before chat time, my children say I am addicted and that I should be careful who I talk to over the Internet. I assured them I was, and with that, I will just say, so much for our down day and see you guys tonight online.

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  1. Hey sounds like a busy day. We too have been busy doing nothing at all. See you tonight on the chat