Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yesterday, we left Port Aransas, via the ferryboat. What a great week we had. Lot of sand and sun and great fellowship with friends. But I was very excited to be heading toward Cedar Ridge Park in Temple, TX were we were to meet up with Karon and her DH whom we had met on the chat from RV Dreams. However, at Schulenburg, we almost had to make a plan B and detour to San Antonio to Southern Plains, the Cummins dealer, as the motor home was not acting quite right. After we stopped and brainstormed a little, we decided to put in some new fuel and see if that made a difference. We did and it did. So we were back to our original plan.
We finally arrived at Cedar Ridge, what a beautiful park. First thing we met Karon and her DH and felt as we had known them forever. After a brief introduction we got the MH all set up and then settled in for a good visit. We could only stay for one evening, but made the most of our time.
This was the view of the lake from behind our motor home.
This is Karon, Mark, and in the green shirt, our friend Donnie.

This morning we were all up and got in another visit before having to pack up and head for home. I wasn't ready to leave, but then again, I am never quite ready for a trip to be over. We are looking forward to catching up with Karon and DH down the road. How nice to know that at the end of the trip, we came home with two new friends!
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  1. No pictures of Karon's DH??? Is he shy.