Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today started a little late for me. I stayed in the chat room way too late last night. But, I met a new friend, Lois. She and her DH will be joining us at the rally in Branson, MO in June.

Anyway, when I finally got my eyes open, the clock indicated that I should have been up a hour before. But, that's okay, I didn't really have a plan for the day. Mark was still in the recliner, drinking coffee, playing on the computer and watching GMA. He showered and left to go make a run to the camper store for a little chat about our a/c. It has developed a small noise. He was back pretty quick. The next thing I know he is dragging the vacuum cleaner up on top of the motor home. And I am thinking....this is not good. He cleaned it all, got back down with no accidents with himself or the vacuum. However, we still have the noise.

While he was on the roof I was inside doing a little picking up. I opened a small door in the bedroom that never gets opened and found a money bag that contained a lot of coins (change from my days at Canton). So, I decided to take it to the bank and cash it return was $42.00. Yeah, now we are off to Wally World, to inquire about Mark's new Rx's. We have always done mail-in prescriptions through our insurance, but found out that he has three of the five that qualify for the 90 days for $10.00. So, we saved $60.00 on his medicine today. I am thinking that I have pocketed some diesel money for the rally. But, then reality set in, and I am thinking that this big $102.00 will not even get me out of Texas. The last time I went to Branson, which was only summer before last, I got a round trip of diesel for $102.00.

Well, while Mark was busy saving money at Walmart, I was busy replacing the snacks from where 2 little mice had dinner in the motor home last night. By the way, they no longer are a concern. I think we have that problem taken care of as I have purchased mothballs and distributed them in the basement. Thanks to my chat friends who educated me about how to keep these little critters from breaking and entering. I was really mad that they had helped themselves to my snack cakes, peanut butter bars, and the peppermint patties. They didn't even pick up their paper.

The rest of this afternoon has been quite. I am just catching up on my posting and waiting on the next wave of activity. Pop is going to be off to watch soccer and I am off to a spring program. Our daughter's first graders are performing at the PTA meeting tonight and our 4th grade grandson is in the second half of the program. So, where did the afternoon go, because, I am looking at the clock now and realize that the wave is not too far from shore, so I guess I had better get my act together.

And, yes, I am thankful for this Thursday and hope you too had a blessed day.


  1. The picture of Mark going up to the roof with the vacuum is etched upon my mind. I can see the concern you must have had not so much for Mark but the poor air conditioner he was about to work over LOL. I do not attempt anything like that anymore. I have inflicted enough damage on items I have tried to fix in the past and I just can't bring myself to do any more..


  2. The vacuum cleaner on the roof doesn't sound like something I would want to do but then again, I've never been on the roof as I have a fear of heights!

    I like unplanned days. We've had so many planned days since we've been here at home that it's nice to just hang out and do what you feel like doing at the time.