Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where Has The Week Gone?

I can't believe that this week is almost gone. It's Thursday and I am not sure what happened to the last few days. There hasn't been anything of real interest going on here, but the time has gone somewhere.

I have had baby Kourtney a couple of days and then there was washing and ironing and painting and doctors and dentists and telephone calls and paying bills and now it is time to do the washing again. And least, I should not forget all the chatting I have to do with my rv dream friends each evening. Oh my, oh my...

and then there is the trip to Wal-mart.

It is such a waste, the grocery store. You go, you take the groceries off the shelf and put them in the basket and then you get to the check stand and take them out of the basket. Next, thing you know, the cashier has sacked them up and you are wondering how did I spend that much money on nothing. Now you put them back in the basket to take them to your car to unload them out of the basket and into you car. Upon arrival back at home it is time to take them out of the car and carry them into the motor home to unpack them from the sack the cashier put them in just minutes earlier. And from this point on, it takes a total of less than 48 hours for someone to say, "I can't find a thing to eat, what's for dinner?"

Well, so much for my do nothing week. I am looking forward to Mother's Day. You know the day well, the one where all the kids and grand kids come over and you cook and clean up the kitchen while they are all having fun, laughing and talking to dear old Dad. I really joke about this, my kids are great and, by the way, my guys are good cooks. I love you all.

I think that weeks like this mean that it is almost time for a trip. Can't wait for the rally, only 33 more days and counting...See you there.


  1. Your day was just like mine. You get groceries, spend a lot of money only to do it all over again the following week/or few days. Just doesn't seem right. The result, we're overweight. See ya in chat.

  2. Hi Moppah, $20 worth of groceries used to have to go in the trunk, now it will go in the glove box.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX