Friday, December 5, 2008

More Busy Days

Wow, it is getting busy around here. Just lots going on as I am sure holds true with everyone during the holiday season. Mark and I had dental appointments yesterday and then headed out to do a little shopping. However, our shopping consisted of shopping for ourselves.

First of all we headed to the AT&T phone store to get me a much needed new cell phone. If I could figure out how to use it, I would give you a call. Or, if I could figure out how to get it off of "silent" I would know that you were calling me. Guess I had better get out the instruction book.

Then we were off to Wendy's to get some lunch. I love their chili and yesterday was a good day for it. Afterwards, we headed to Bed and Bath where I got some new cookware. I just had some bits and pieces here in the motor home and never just exactly what I wanted. Plus, I think now Mark thinks I will cook more. Maybe so.

Then for the fun stop...Costco's for food. See, I told you I might do some cooking. Okay, now, that we have done the budget in, it was time to go home and find a place for all the stuff we had purchased. And, everyone knows the rule...if something new comes in, something old must go out. So, I boxed up all of my old cookware and called my nephew and asked if wanted or needed it.

Last night we took Caden and Kourtney to Build A Bear to make a Christmas Moose each and to play at the mall playground for awhile. They had a great time. Sorry, I forgot the camera.

Today, started out really cold, about 28*. The warm up was slow. I had an early morning Weight Watchers meeting. Despite the extra layer of warm clothes, I lost another .2 lbs. keeping me under goal. This will start my 3rd week of maintenance, making it 2 down and 4 to go.
After the meeting, I needed to run a couple of errands and go by my mom's to drop off the box of cookware. My sister was there for lunch and we had a nice visit.

Upon arriving back at home, I find that Mark is still having satellite/TV troubles. He has talked to Tiffin, Panasonic, Direct TV, some electronics place, Direct TV for the 3rd time, etc. And...after much deliberation, they decide that the problem has to be in the receiver. However, Direct TV cannot just send us a new receiver box, but they can credit my account for $99 and I can go to Best Buy and get a new one. Then upon activation of the card, they will send me a box to mail them the old receiver. Do I really have to say that this procedure took all afternoon? And only time will tell if we actually got all of the problems addressed. We did manage to get the connection cable out of the window that we were having to use to pick up the local channels. That is a step in the right direction. Now, if the TV doesn't go off at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, we will be home free.

Tonight I have been sorting papers, etc., which is not my favorite job. I still have several more stacks to go through. Tomorrow, I am keeping Kourtney as Karen has a Gifted and Talented workshop she has to attend for some CE hours and Kenneth has school tomorrow. Yeah, he is almost finished. He will be graduating with his MBA on December 14. We are very proud for him.

Well, I guess that about catches us up again...have a great weekend, and see you soon.


  1. Hmmm...Now I understand why you didn't answer when I called you, lol! Good luck with the new cell phone.

    I thought it was supposed to be warm in Texas, what happened!

    See y'all soon,

  2. Tell Kenneth and Karen we are so proud of them. MBA!!! That is soo great. I got my Masters at TPC and it took me 30 years...I will graduate in June of next year. WEEE

    Joe and Sherri