Thursday, December 11, 2008

Taking A Moment for A Real Opportunity

Things have been really busy around here with book orders, grandkids, Christmas shopping, doctor's appointments, etc. However, today, we took time out for a moment that not everyone gets to enjoy.
Yesterday, due to inclimate weather in Florida, the space shuttle landed at the Naval Air Base here in Fort Worth for an overnight stay. This morning, we went out to watch it take off for its return trip to Cape Kennedy.

It was exciting to get some pictures of the shuttle from it's recent trip to space, because it had carried with it all the signatures of the kids and teachers from Westpark Elementary. That is the school where our daughter Karen teaches and two of our grandchildren, Andrew and Lauren attend. It was exciting for us to see and I thought it would great for them to have a picture to remember an event they had the opportunity to participate in.
Here are a few of the picutues I got this morning...

First sight at take off

Clearing the end of the runway

Right overhead

Off to Florida

Well, that was extent of our fun today, and now I must get back to my paintbrush.
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  1. Awesome, that's great that you had that opportunity! Especially since it's meaningful to people you know.

  2. Outstanding Photo's Dortha....What a grand adventure....See you soon....Jim & Ellie

  3. WOW!!! What a History Making Event!!! Your pictures are awesome. Thanks for Sharing.You can find me at
    Jenny J

  4. How incredible.. You are very lucky to have seen this up close.. Not an everyday occurance. You took great pics, thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. Great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  6. Great Pictures...Sherri like to have freaked out when she saw them. She did not know that the shuttle was here. She has been gone you know and she is just getting caught up. Thanks for sharing them with us. Emil me the picts if you get a chance I would like to save them for the kids.

    Joe and Sherri

    PS Sherri had not forgot about you