Monday, December 1, 2008

You Ask For It

The day here started chilly and windy, but turned out to be a nice day. Everyone is back to school and work, so Mark and I were off to a slow start this morning. I caught up on a little computer work and cleaned out a basket that had collected a bunch of receipts, etc.
I started a grocery list, a Sam's and a Costco's list along with a Christmas list. Hope I don't misplace my list. I decided it was time to start the laundry. After that, I tackled sorting out the special orders for the books I have to paint and got patterns drawn off on most of them.
Mark worked in the wood shop today. This afternoon we picked up grand kids from school and are enjoying them. That has been the extent of most of this day. Tonight I am going to play BUNKO and have dinner with a group of friends for an early Christmas get together.

Now, for the you ask for it...
Last night on chat we were discussing the wheel topper for the motor home, and several of you ask that I take pictures so here they are.

The storage space is great


  1. Hi Dortha, Found your blog through Ellie's. Since you mentioned the "wheel topper" and because it's the Christmas season, I'm including a link to an old blog post of mine that might interest you or your readers. It shows our miniature Christmas tree on the wheel topper in our motorhome.

    Merry Christmas! Camille Pronovost

  2. Hey what is the plan for the first? Did you cancel out Marksville? If so do we have a alternate plan? Let me know so I can tell grippy puss...uh I mean Sherri...LOL


  3. Dortha - My sis and her DH are full-time RVers. They have a wheel topper like yours and they put their fiber optic Christmas tree on it. It looks really neat! We visit them around Christmas when we go to Arizona to spend Christmas with our son and his family. My sis and her DH winter in Yuma, AZ, where they own a lot. They spend 6 months there and then 6 months up in Washington during the summer months.