Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Nice Finish To Thanksgiving Weekend

We woke up this morning to a windy and chilly, but beautiful sunny Sunday. After being away for the last 3 months, it was nice to attend services at our home church. What a wonderful finish to this Thanksgiving weekend. We are so blessed.
Karen and Kenneth put up the Christmas Tree this weekend and Kourtney helped them decorate it today.
This afternoon, Kenneth put up the outside Christmas lights while KK was busy getting ready to return to a classroom full of first graders.
Mark watched football and more football. As for myself, I took a nap, which I never do. I think I was thinking that come tomorrow I have a lot to do.
While we were gone, I received several special orders for scrapbooks and a toy box. I guess tomorrow, like it or not, I have to remember what it is like to work, or at least get organized enough to work. In addition, I have laundry and grocery shopping waiting on me.
It is sounding like we have a busy week...see you soon!

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  1. Hey it is good to be back and read what my friends are doing. Sherri got the doll clothes down yesterday before we left WP and she said she was going to call you sometime this week. She is out of town...Corsicana I think...DUH! Oh well she calls everyonce in a while and checks in with me...LOL hope you had a great Thanksgiving See ya soon

    Joe and Sherri