Saturday, November 15, 2008

Having Fun in Summerdale

We have had a good week here in Summerdale, Alabama. I haven't updated my blog this week because the wifi here at the park is minimal at best. I thought I would give it another try and I have managed to get a couple of pictures posted.

We have made one trip to the beach, however, the day was pretty overcast and not really the perfect beach day. I hope we get to make at least one more trip there before we leave the gulf coast

This was Mark and Jim's idea of walking on the beach

We have had a day or two that we just hung out here at the park, which was really nice. This is a great park for getting out to just walk and take a deep breath.

Yesterday, which was Friday, Ellie and I left early to go find the local Weight Watchers meeting. When we got there we found that it was just a weigh in and no meeting, but we had a nice visit with the consultant that was working. We both had a good loss this week. I was excited to find that I was just .2 pound away from my goal. Yeah, I will work really hard to get there this week.

We returned to the RV park and met up with Mark, Jim, Glynn, and Sylvia and made plans to travel over to Pensacola, Florida, to attend the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show. We first stopped at a little fish market/cafe to have lunch, and then we were off to the air show.

It turned out to be a beautiful day and the air show was great and

and the Blue Angels were awesome!

Today, we have just been doing a few chores. Mark and Jim went to Camping World to get a few things they thought they couldn't live without. After lunch we are going to get out and about for a little while.

Terry stopped by for a brief visit and we made plans to go to church with she and Randy in the morning. We also discussed having lunch with a bunch on Wednesday at Lamberts, home of the throwed rolls! That will be a real treat,
even though it is not too point friendly. At least it will be after Ellie and I weigh in next week.

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