Sunday, November 16, 2008

Starting A New Week

We woke this morning to a cool but sunny Sunday. We were up and about early as Terry and Randy had invited us to go to church with them today. It was a great little church and a good service. Even this Southern Baptist girl enjoyed the Methodist Church. LOL Thanks for asking us to go with you and I understand why you said before that you and Randy have found a church away from home and why you are so involved.

After church, we got back to the campground to settle in for the afternoon. I decided to put on a pot of bean soup and in the meantime Mark decided he was going to make a run to Home Depot and by the grocery for a few things. Later this afternoon we will get together with Jim and Ellie for a bowl of soup. I hope Jim remembered he is making some cornbread.

As I think about starting a new week here in coastal Alabama, I am researching a few attractions I would like to take in before we leave on Thursday. Mark also has a few restaurants to work into the schedule as well. So, you will have to stayed tuned to find out how those plans develop. Until then, I hope you have had a great weekend and a blessed week.


  1. Dortha and Mark I read your blog every day and feel like that I am traveling with you. What great places that you have been. Can you tell me what model "Flo" is? We are looking to buy a Garmin GPS also. Thanks! Netters

  2. It was great worshipping with you and Mark! I, too, am a Southern Baptist girl and would never have thought I'd be in a Methodist church, either! :) Just shows you how God likes to change things up. Looking forward to our dinner at Lambert's.

  3. Well I finally got back so I can catch up on your travels. Looks like you are doing all the good. Sherri and I just got back from the coast and soon will be leaving for Arkansas. Tell everyone hello from us and we will see you all reas soon...Somewhere in Time

    Joe and Sherri