Friday, November 7, 2008

One Last Look

Join us as we take one last look around Savannah.

Our first stop was at Colonial Park which is an old cemetery

These headstones are so old that the inscriptions could not be read

Here is another sign that indicates the age of the cemetery

This little guy was just having fun hanging out in the park. After roaming around in the cemetery, Mark and Jim went to get the car so we could go to Forsyth Park. Ellie and I decided we would take Flo with us and walk. These are a few of the things we saw on the way.

A carriage ride as seen from the other end of the alley

I love the front steps of the houses

The steeple of the Methodist Church...and

and we have arrived at Forsyth Park

the walkway to the middle of the park

where we found this beautiful fountain

and these beautiful flowers

and if you lived in this house, you could walk across the street to the park every day. We enjoyed the park until the guys decided that it was way past time to get lunch. The choice of the day was seafood. So we decided to take one last trip back out to Tybee Island.

Welcome to lunch

These guys hang out in front of the resturant!

Mark, Ellie, and I had shrimp salad sandwiches with a cup of crab soup. Jim chose a crab cake with a cup of clam chowder. Afterwards, we headed to the beach

for one last trip over the boardwalk

past the sand dunes

to the beach

where we saw this big ship headed out to sea

and wondered what happened to this fisherman?

and watched these little guys paddle around waiting for something to eat.

After a long walk down the beach and back, it was finally time to leave. We headed back to the RV Park and Ellie and I made plans to go to Walmart to pick up groceries for the next couple of days. Tomorrow and Sunday we will get the motorhomes ready to travel on Monday.

We have had a great time in Savannah and hope you have enjoyed our time here as much as we have. Thanks for going along with us.

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