Friday, November 28, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Mark and I enjoyed a quite day yesterday as all the kids were off having lunch with the other sides of their family. We had planned dinner here for around 5:00. Everyone started gathering around 3:00 in time for the Dallas Cowboy game. Dinner was great and I planned several side dishes that were Weight Watcher friendly for myself and Kenneth's sister in law. We had ordered a turkey and a ham from Honey Baked Hams, they were yum. What a nice day it was and we are so blessed. I think if I counted correctly we had 22 for dinner last night.

Today, we woke up to a chilly rain that lasted on and off most of the morning. Today was the day the service rep from Direct TV was coming to work on our dish, but he couldn't be of any help to us, so we had to make a few adjustments in how we pick up the local channels while we are parked here at home. That is so over my head, so all I can say is that Mark ran a cable through the window and now it works. LOL

Karen and Kenneth put up the Christmas tree today and then went shopping for a little while, so I got to play with Kourtney while they were gone. Mark spent the afternoon putting some more wax and glaze on the motor home.

Tonight, Karen's friend Ashley came over and we made chili dogs and then Kenneth made homemade Blizzards. Scott, J, and Caden came down for awhile. It gets kind of crazy around here sometimes, but nothing has changed over the last 40 years and I love every minute of it.

Tomorrow will bring more of the same as the guys have already planned a day of football. I think Karen and I will sneak away for a pedicure.

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