Sunday, November 2, 2008

Need I Say More?

Yesterday we had planned to go to the Seafood Festival in Savannah. However, the new hot water heater switch had been delivered from Tiffin and Mark decided he would quickly unplug the old one and plug in the new one before we left. Oh, no, that is not the way it worked. When he started to replace the old with the new, all sorts of wires came out and apart. First he and Jim tried a couple of things, but nothing happened. Then Mark tried a few more things, nothing happened. Need I say more?

At this point, I decided it would be best to call the Low Country RV Repairman to come and fix the mess. He was working over on Hilton Head, so it would be later in the day before he could come. So, we told Ellie and Jim to go on and enjoy the day. In Mark's frustration, he went outside to wax the motor home and in my frustration with the situation, I stayed inside and cleaned cabinets and rearranged the pantry. Need I say more?

Well, the afternoon wore on and no service tech. Mark's impatience led to another call to the tech. He was still in Hilton Head on a big job and wasn't sure if he would make it or not. Late afternoon arrived, Ellie and Jim returned, no tech, and still no hot water. Need I say more?

We did sit outside and enjoy the warm sunshine for awhile and then Ellie graciously offered her kitchen for dinner since I had no hot water to wash dishes. We both dug in the fridge and came up with stuff to make fajitas. They were yummy. Night was approaching quickly, and no service tech had shown up or called. Mark called him one more time and this time he got the answering service. So, at this point we knew there would be no hot water for showers. Need I say more?

So, we said our good nights, went home, watched some TV, chatted, turned back the clocks, and went to bed. Maybe, just maybe the service tech would call in the morning since his card indicated that he was on call 24/7. In the meantime, we discussed the possibility of going to a service center in Jacksonville, Florida or even going back to Red Bay. But, we decided to sleep on the options and see how things looked in the morning. These are things that you have to consider when you full time or even travel in RV's. Need I say more?

Well, after an hours extra sleep, we awoke this morning early to what sounded like an air compressor. Our first thought was Jim was out airing up the tires. Mark looked out the window, but no Jim. The noise just keep on. It was making our motor home vibrate. We knew it wasn't us, but couldn't determine where the sound was coming from. However, it soon stopped. After a while Mark met Jim outside to find out that it was Jim's motor home making all that noise. He indicated that the heater blower on the furnace must have gone out. Well, at this point, they have their heads together with a plan that we will just leave in the morning and head to Jacksonville to the service center. Now, they are both bummed. Need I say more?

Jim leaves to go do the laundry and think through his situation and in the meantime our service tech shows up, apologized for not getting here last night, and for not even calling, but he left his cell phone at the RV that he had been working on yesterday. Okay, he is ready to get to the task of replacing the hot water heater switch. He finds some blown fuses, fixes the disconnected wires, found and fixed a few we didn't even know we had, and yeah, I have hot water!

Jim has now returned and is telling the RV tech of his situation. He told Jim that it was probably just an adjustment. So, Jim and Mark take the panel off of the heater in the outside compartment. Mark says, Jim, there is your problem, see that brown wire hanging down. Now, after Mark's problem with all the wires, Jim tells Mark, don't touch my wires! So, Jim gets his flashlight to further assess the loose wire. Well, the loose wire turns out to be a little brown mouse that tried to make a home in the heater. Need I say more?

I will finish with this. We have hot water, Jim's heater is working, we both now have mouse traps set, we had a great lunch of homemade hamburgers, the guys are watching football, we don't have to leave and go to Jacksonville, Ellie and I get to stay in Savannah for Mrs. Wilkes and the carriage ride, and all is well. Need I say more?


  1. I'm enjoying your posts. The new picture is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad to know all is well with the rigs. Yes, more time in Savannah......nice!
    Hugs, Karon

  2. Too funny Dortha! What a good outlook...I'm glad it all worked out for you!
    Thanks for the laugh! :)
    Molly and Bob