Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making Our Way to Texas

Today we left Rainbow Plantation as this adventure begins to wind down. Along with Jim, Ellie, and the fur kids we headed west. Our destination for the next couple of days is Marksville, Louisiana and then on to Texas.

Jim leads us across Mobile Bay

and through the tunnel under the Mobile River

and across the Mississippi River

where there is work

and play

and to our last turn towards Marksville.

We arrived at the Paragon Casino RV Resort which is also a Passport America Park. The guys got the motor homes parks and the did their usual, clean the bugs off the windshields, while Ellie and I got the inside set up. Then we were off to eat dinner and then try our hand at the slots for awhile. No luck here, maybe tomorrow.

There is a cold front coming through and the temps are suppose to be in the low 30's tonight. Hopefully it will warm up quickly tomorrow and we can enjoy the day in Marksville.

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