Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chores Today!

Yes, even when you are on the road, there are still chores! Today is that day for us. We got up early this morning and headed out for our walk. We went across the road and down to the water and back, then made a couple of trips around the park to get to that 2 mile mark. That is the routine for the morning which equals about 5,000 steps. Then the goal for the rest of the day is to somehow get in another 5,000 steps.

After our walk, I went into Rockport to get my hair cut. I would have probably
NOT chosen this place, but it came recommended by the girl who works in the office here at the RV park. Thanks Chris, good choice! I don't know about you, but, hair cuts is the one thing in this lifestyle that has caused me to have to step out of my comfort zone! However, only once, have I gotten a haircut that I almost cried before getting out of the chair. And, my daughter and my sister would tell me that you don't get your hair cut at the same place you buy groceries! Okay, lesson learned.

Now, back at the RV park, and it's laundry time. Usually, I go into town to the laundromat, just because I can get it all done at once. And, there are only 3 washers and 3 dryers at the park and they are usually busy. However, today, I am choosing the park laundry room. I didn't have to wait but just a few minutes for someone to finish up and now I have the laundry to myself. In fact, as we speak, wash is all done and I am just waiting on the dryers to finish. If there was just an iron and ironing board, I would do that while I was here. In fact, I think I will put that in the suggestion box. LeAnn, are you listening!

Later this afternoon we are going to grill chicken and we are having cabbage and carrots, and some sort of desert which hasn't been determined yet. Then, we might just sit out and enjoy the 80 degrees it is suppose to be today. And, oh yes, get in those other 5,000 steps.

Well, I better get my laundry finished, so I will see you all later. Enjoy your day wherever you are.
Well, laundry is all done, except for the ironing which I will get to before bedtime tonight. When I got back to the motor home it had been decided that we were going to have late lunch/early dinner. So, I got a Pineapple Lush Angel Food Cake made. Jim came and got the chicken to marinate and I got started with the carrots, fried cabbage, and mashed potatoes. When we all had our fill, Ellie and I cleaned up the kitchen, while the guys decided that we should take a late afternoon drive. We drove down to the water and about all we saw was

this tug boat hard at work. Then

we saw all these gulls and

and some angry waves.

It wasn't a real good day for walking on the beach or bird watching. Better luck another day.
Tomorrow we are planning to take a day trip over to the Valley. There a good flea market there, a great farmer's market and a great Mexican Food Restaurant right across the border.
See you all after our trip.

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  1. You could have made the trip to the valley last week when we were there! Oh well, guess I'll catch up with you all in Kerrville.