Sunday, February 8, 2009

The End of the Road

Yesterday after going to the flea market, the mall, and having lunch, we decided to drive out to the National Seashore. As many times as we have been to Corpus Christi, we have never been out past Mustang Park. So, I wanted to go see what was there. I guess I pictured in my mind that it would be just like South Padre, lined with condos, hotels, restaurants, etc. Boy, was I wrong! Here is what I saw...

After a 10 mile drive after the last building we saw, we finally arrived at the visitor center.

Other than two ladies working in the visitor center, one in the gift center, and a few people on the beach,

this was about the only other breathing thing we saw!

We looked around the gift shop, Ellie purchased a couple of little books and Mark treated us all to Diet Dr. Peppers and he and Jim a payday candy bar. Then, from outside on the balcony we

took a few pictures of the beach! Okay, I wonder what else is around here? We left the parking lot of the visitor center and turned left. This is what we found.

the end of the road!

It was beautiful in it's own way. If it hadn't been sooooo windy, it would have been a beautiful day to walk on the beach because you could have walked forever.

Today is another beautiful day in Rockport. We all were up early and had our 2 mile walk completed when we learned that Randy and Terry were just getting into town. So, that meant a phone call to them and Rod and Deb to make arrangements for dinner. And, you guessed it...The Big Fisherman here we come!

See you after dinner!


  1. Love the pictures. I am a beach person! Hope you enjoy your dinner at your favorite place.. Enjoy.

  2. Sherri and I did the same thing when we went down there. Could not believe that it was so desolate! We,however, walked the beach for a long way looking of shells. At one point we looked back and it was like we had gone back in time...there was not one sign of civilization!!! Real cool.

    Joe and Sherri