Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday The 13th, Make It A Lucky One

Some might make a big deal out of it being Friday the 13th and think it is a very unlucky day, but for Mark today was a lucky day.
The other day Ellie went to the lab for blood work and she had to leave very early. Well, on her way she saw the Roseate Spoonbills and ever since Mark has been looking everywhere to find some. So, last night after we went to bed, he said, you want to get up early and go see if we can find Rosie? Sure....I think, but how early is early?
So, a little before 7 this morning, I hear him up and getting dressed. So, I crawl out of bed, get dressed, pick up the camera and we are off. And this is what we found...

What a beautiful Friday the 13th this is going to be!

And sure enough we saw them ...

The Roseate Breakfast Bunch!

Now, back at the RV park, we got in our 2 mile walk, while Jim headed out to the laundromat. Mark has now gone to get the oil changed in the car, and there is dusting, and sweeping and mopping going on here.

Today, we are also anxious awaiting to meet two more RV friends of Ellie and Jim's. Janna and Mike have been up in the Hill Country and are coming to Rockport for a few days. Since this is a travel day, the four of us are making dinner for Janna and Mike.

Well, for now, I have to get back to cleaning floors. Have a great Friday and I will see you later today with an update and a finish to our Friday the 13th!

Well, the afternoon didn't play out quite as lucky as the morning. You know that oil change I mentioned earlier. Well, it appears we have a leak around some seal. So, Mark made a trip in to the Jeep dealership in Aransas Pass and we have an appointment to take it in on Tuesday. The glitch is that we are 700 miles out of warranty. Did someone say this was Friday the 13th. He was told that there is a possibility that it will still be covered. Now, the second glitch to this story is that we have an extended warranty, but it is only 100% covered at the dealership in Fort Worth were we bought the jeep! And, there is a deductible of $100 if we are outside 40 miles of the home dealership. However, after talking with Jeep, they are probably going to cover it under warranty, but will not know until the dealership in Aransas Pass calls to tell them exactly what is wrong with it.

There was a good finish to this day...Janna and Mike made it over for dinner. It was great to finally get to meet them. We have been following their blog for a while now. Jim grilled pork chops and pineapple. I made brown rice with veggies, and Ellie made an angel food cake, which we turned into strawberry shortcake. After dinner, we had a great visit and all too soon it was time for them to leave and head back out to Goose Island. We have planned to see them again before they leave in a few days.

Well, I hope your Friday the 13th was a lucky day for you and here is wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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