Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just Enjoying A Beautiful Day

Today was a somewhat laid back day, but a beautiful day. It started out with our morning walk around the park. Then the propane truck came by and filled up both motor homes. Around 11:00, Ellie and I went to our weekly Weight Watchers meeting.
Today was my official weigh in day for the month of February. Boy, this lifetime thing has it perks. Not only do I not have to weigh but once a month, but I love going and getting on the scales and NOT having to pay! Ellie is now only 4 pounds away and she will be back to her lifetime goal and free again. The topic today was liquid and that 64 ounces is the goal for the day. However, one of the changes in the new program is that all of that doesn't have to be water. Yeah, now my iced tea and Diet Dr. Pepper counts.

After our meeting, we came back to the park and picked up the guys and headed to the Big Fisherman for their lunch special. Ellie, Jim, and I chose grilled Cajun shrimp and rice. Mark had fish fillets. It is all yummy.

Afterwards, we took a drive in the harbor area for a few pictures

The harbor was pretty busy today, but on down by the bay off of Shoreline things were
a little more laid back. We found this guy, just hanging out next to

this shrimp boat. I think he thought he might be lucky and get a free lunch.

Next, it was on to do some shopping at the local T-Shirt shop which was located next to the

the USS Lexington.

After the shopping, we went to look for the Roseate Spoonbills that we saw the other day. We went to Indian Point Park and found them all huddled up trying to stay out of the wind. I didn't get a very good picture, but Mark

was able to capture this one.

It was then time to head back to the RV Park and check on the furkids. I know I speak of the furkids quite often, but I am not sure that some of you have met Jim and Ellie's furkids. So, for those of you who haven't, let me introduce

Jazz, the princess in the chair and Bobo. They are pretty good sports about us going off and leaving them for the day, but they are always excited when we return.

Well, soup and sandwiches and left over pumpkin pie was the menu for dinner. Ellie and Jim then left to their home next door and Mark and I needed to make a trip to Walmart.

What a good day.

Tomorrow, Ellie, Sandra, Deb, and I are going geocaching, so stayed tuned for that adventure.

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