Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Is On It’s Way…

Wow, what a great and blessed Thanksgiving holiday weekend we enjoyed.  All the turkey leftovers are gone and Mark finished off the pumpkin pie.  Now it is time to start the countdown to Christmas.

Yesterday, Kourtney was up and excited that her Mom and Dad would be returning from their weekend in College Station.  She enjoyed her

Getting Ready for Christmas 041 her breakfast on the bus before we headed in the house to get dressed and ready for the day.

Karen and Kenneth wouldn’t be home until later in the afternoon and all the rest of the gang had gone to the TCU football game.  Mark, Kourtney, and I just hung out and watched the game on TV.

Last night, Karen decided that she and Kourtney would get the Christmas tree out

Getting Ready for Christmas 043 start decorating for Christmas.

It didn’t take Kourtney long to

Getting Ready for Christmas 045  know just what to do with her ornaments, and could hardly get one hung

Getting Ready for Christmas 046

before she was off for another one.

She needed Mom’s help to

Getting Ready for Christmas 047

reach the top.  Lauren is hoping the tree doesn’t fall her way.

It was soon Kourtney’s bedtime, so, we will have to wait and see how this project turns out.  After a full weekend, I was ready for bed myself, so I retired to the motor home.

This morning, Mark and I were up and after watching the weather forecast, that includes several days of rain this week, he decided he needed to go to Camping World.  He wanted to purchase a can of Dome Magic.  This product is recommended by King Dome and is suppose to help eliminate satellite signal loss due to rain, dew, and snow.  I guess we will see how it works.  So, that report will come later this week.

Next, we made stops at Lowes, Costco's, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Michaels, and Jason’s for lunch.  After making all of our purchases, we headed home to do a little decorating of our own.

At Michaels, I purchased this

Getting Ready for Christmas 049

cute little tree that fits just perfect on the steering wheel table.  And, there was just enough room for the basket with the Christmas wrapped Andes mints.

At Lowe’s, I purchased Mark’s Christmas present…

Getting Ready for Christmas 053

which is two new battery operated drills that he has had his eye on for quite a while.  And, at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, he purchased my Christmas present…

Getting Ready for Christmas 051

a new quit and pillow shams for our bed.

And, since the bags were much too large to fit under our little Christmas tree, we will just go ahead and enjoy them!

Now…for sure, it looks like Christmas is on it’s way.


  1. Wow! Nice presents! Does this mean that you are going to have another Christmas in December too? I like it! :)

  2. Dortha, I love the new quilt on the bed--it's gorgeous. I'm quilting like mad today--have 4 quilts to finish and ship before Christmas.

  3. Very nice quilt!! I love those colors. Don't you just LOVE to watch children at Christmas, especially decorating?? Fun,fun!!