Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting The Job Done

Yesterday, Jimmy, called us to tell us it was our time to come to the paint bay.

Off To Red Bay 002

Here, they would fix the surface cracks in the shower.  Thomas told us it would take most of the day.  The cracks were in the soap dish so he had to hand sand the small section, add some gel coat, let it dry, and sand it again.

While Thomas worked on the shower, we passed the time visiting with other customers in the lounge.  One of the couples was here the last time we were and it was fun catching up with them and their travels.  They left Branson heading for Florida and made a stop in Tunica.  While there, they lost the electrical system in their coach...so Red Bay was a must for them.

We couldn’t get to the motor home for lunch, so at someone’s suggestion, we headed downtown to Jack’s.  They have wonderful chicken.  Yummy…but it was the meal for the day.  Once we were back to the campground, it wasn’t long before we found Thomas  finishing up for the day.  Soon we were headed back to our site.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening just hanging out.  Thanks to the time change, it was dark before we knew it.  I thought it was time for bed and it was only 6:00.  Well, guess it will take a few days to get used to that.

This morning came with sunshine and the promise that we could get into a 3-hour express bay.  We made the decision to try for the express bay because the service writer was still saying we had about 2 week wait for a regular bay.

Off To Red Bay 003

  And, as promised they got us in right after lunch.  We spent the morning getting our list prioritized, with the exception of the heat pump, which doesn’t count against our 3 hours.  I think with luck and a couple of techs that will work, they can get it all done.  We will see.  They have 3 hours and counting…

Well, here we are at the end of our 3 hours…the heater is repaired with new fan blower, however, it came with a high pitch squeal.  At least we have heat and air.  And, tomorrow they will check out that squeal.

They replaced the roller on the slide out which corrected one problem, but we are having to wait on a decision about a tear in the slide awning.  A warranty issue.  They also replaced the gasket that was loose on the slide.  Seems as they had a batch of gaskets that were defective.  Guess we were one of the lucky ones.  Oh, well, they took care of it.

The wind deflector on the front door and the passenger side slide adjustment did not get done in our 3-hour time frame.  And, when your 3-hours are up, you are out.  However…

They are going to try to work us back into the system in the next day or so.


  1. Well...it sounds like there is progress in Red Bay! Hope you are soon all fixed up and on the way home to make preparation for a family Thanksgiving.

    We miss you a lot and wish you were here with us on the beautiful Oregon coast!

    Many hugs,

  2. Hopefully it won't be long before your all fixed up and on the road again... We once spent 4 weeks in IOWA getting Tassie all fixed up. BUT they did a great job and all is good... Have fun & Travel Safely

    ps... Wish I was in Oregon with Ellie & Jim too... LOL LOL

  3. Good luck in Red Bay!! Waiting is so hard but at least you are getting there little by little and soon will be fixed and on your way.

  4. Poor Mark, only getting his one meal a day...

    Debbie & Rod

  5. Thanks for the run down on what you are getting fixed. It is very informative and somewhat surprising. It sounds like you are taking it all in stride.

    Any idea if the things you are getting fixed are 'normal' or is your list out of the ordinary for a new coach?

    Hopefully you will get them all fixed soon. Thanks for sharing.

  6. My goodness all that stuff to get fixed and you having to wait on it all. Oh well you have a free place to stay in the mean time...can't ask for anything better. Hope all gets done so you can get home for Thanksgiving. We are headed to Shreveport today to do some money exchanging..HE HE...then we head to Tyler to make some money. Maybe we will cross paths before long.

  7. Dortha--my sister reads your blog and yesterday she sent me an e-mail asking "what in the heck is Red Bay and why do they have so many repair bays?" Hope you guys get all your stuff finished soon.