Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Just Have To Laugh…

Yesterday, we were up by 6:00, dressed and waiting for the call to come or not to come back to the service center.  Well, 7:00 came and went with no call.  Now, you just wait out the morning to see if you get a call to come after lunch.  Okay, lunch came and no call.  You just have to laugh!

So, after making sure they weren’t going to call us, we decided to go make the most of what was left of a beautiful fall afternoon.

We grabbed our cameras and headed into Mississippi and north up the

Off To Red Bay 002

parkway to

Off To Red Bay 005

Tishomingo State Park.  This is one of our favorite areas around the Red Bay area to visit.

Tishomingo State Park is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and is full of history and beauty.  It is named after the leader of the Chickasaw nation, Chief Tishomingo.  The park has a unique landscape of massive rock formations and fern-filled crevices found nowhere else in Mississippi.

  So, upon arrival,

Off To Red Bay 007

we stopped and paid our $3.00 and were off to look for some great photo opportunities.  Our first stop was

Off To Red Bay 008

the lake.  We took a walk out on the dock.  It was pretty quite today.  Other than a couple of fisherman,

Off To Red Bay 015

these ducks were all that the excitement on the lake.  Mostly, all was just

Off To Red Bay 016

quite and beautiful.

We then drove on through the park

Off To Red Bay 019

on the leaf covered one lane road and

Off To Red Bay 021

under the Natchez Trace bridge to

Off To Red Bay 023

the Pioneer Cabin.  This is a really quite and pretty little part of the park.  It is one of my favorite spots for photographs.  We walked along the

Off To Red Bay 025

creek up to the

Off To Red Bay 027


Off To Red Bay 042

This is the old bridge that crosses the road.

What a great afternoon this was turning out to be…that is, until Mark

Off To Red Bay 043

rolled down the window in the jeep.  Oops…it won’t go back up!  You just have to laugh!

Well, needless to say, we concluded our afternoon at the park and headed the 16 miles back to Red Bay.  On the way, I consulted with “Flo” our GPS and found that we were going to have to go to Hamilton, Alabama, another 23 miles past Red Bay and Vina to find a Jeep Dealer.   So, after a phone call to them, we confirmed that they could repair the window if they had the part, but if not, they could at least get the window up and stabilized.

When we arrived, they got us right in…they found a broken cable and “no” they did not have the part to fix it, but as promised they got the window up and stabilized.  They offered to order the part and do the repair next week.  We thanked them, but told them we would just get it replaced when we got back to Texas.  You just have to laugh!

While we were in Hamilton, we made a stop at the Wal-Mart Supercenter where we picked up a few items for dinner.  Once back to Red Bay, it was dinner, a visit from Glynn and Sylvia, a little computer and TV time.

Again this morning, we were up by 6:00, dressed and waiting on that phone call from the service center.  No call, but, after a visit to the service center, we have been told maybe this afternoon.  We will just wait and see.  You just have to laugh!!

When I was pretty sure the call wasn’t going to come for this afternoon, I decided to load up the laundry.  Just as I started loading the dryers, Mark called for me to come run in the slides, he was headed to bay 36.  It was late, but they did get the back a/c unit replaced and the front one adjusted.

That was all they had time for this afternoon, and no one wanted to work overtime, so in the morning we will return to bay 36 for the remaining items.  Hopefully, the fabric for the slide topper is in stock.

Once again, you just have to laugh!


  1. You guys are great examples of how to take it all in stride. Some would not 'just have to laugh'...

    Hope things get straightened out soon.

  2. What great pictures today. I guess my passenger window will be next. It seems we shortly follow with duplicating the smae problems with our 06 Jeep Liberty. Hope you get things fixed up tp ypor likeing and able to get home by the holidays.

  3. That's right, just keep on smiling...laughter is what makes the world go round...and life is just to short to spend the day a crying....LOL! Loved the photos!

  4. I thought I heard someone laughing!! LOL

    What a beautiful way to "pass the time." Your pictures are just beautiful. Mike and I want to travel the Natchez Trace and it looks like fall is the perfect time of the year.