Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Family Fun…

On Friday, we were called to

Off To Red Bay 041

service bay where they confirmed that Brent had made the correct adjustments to our jacks.  After checking it on the level floor, they then backed the motor home out

Off To Red Bay 043

to a not so level spot and the jacks performed as designed.  Guess we can scratch that item from our list.  Now we will  wait our turn to be assigned to

Off To Red Bay 042

yet another one of the many bays here at the service center.

They finished checking the jacks just in time for Mark to get to his appointment at

Off To Red Bay 045

Bay Diesel.

While he was busy watching over the oil change, I went back to the campground to do the laundry and be ready to go to Birmingham when he returned.

Mark returned in a couple of hours, but before we could get things together a

Off To Red Bay 003

storm blew in.  At the point they forecast it to last well into the night, we decided to put our trip off until

Off To Red Bay 057

Saturday morning when the sun would once again shine.

Our trip took us along some beautiful

Off To Red Bay 052

back roads with lots of

Off To Red Bay 056

beautiful fall foliage.  Before I knew it, we were

Off To Red Bay 058

seeing the skyline of Birmingham.

Not long after arriving at my brother’s house, it was time to head out to Jamie and Greg’s who are friends of Dan and Conlee.  How sweet of them to include us in dinner and trick or treating.

Nothing to do, but Danielle, my 5 year old niece, had to take

Off To Red Bay 060

her jack o lantern with her.  He would proudly sit on Jamie’s front porch.

It was now time…with the help of the Fairy Godmother, Jamie,  for Danielle to became

Off To Red Bay 064

Cinderella.  Oh, how beautiful she was…and the last touch was from

Off To Red Bay 066

mom while big sister, Megan, watched.  Now, in reality Megan is a wonderful big sister, but just for tonight she was Anastasia,

Off To Red Bay 068

Cinderella’s mean step-sister. LOL

But, to make the story complete, we had to have

Off To Red Bay 075

Dad, dressed as Jack, one of the mice!


with a bibity, bopity, boo, they were all off to see how many treats they could collect.  What fun they all had and soon returned with lots of treats and just in time for dinner.

Thanks Jamie and Greg for including us in a fun evening, but it was getting late and Cinderella had to get home and in bed before the strike of midnight.

After “falling back” and getting an extra hour’s sleep, we were all up this morning and ready for church on time.  We always enjoy attending church with Dan and family when in Birmingham and today was no exception.  Great service as usual.

Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch and continued visiting at Jason’s Deli.  Conlee and I then sent Mark, Dan, and kids home and we took off to do a little shopping.  The afternoon passed all too quickly and it was time for hugs and good-byes, so we could get back

Off To Red Bay 088

to Red Bay before dark.

What a great weekend…one filled with more treats than tricks!


  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend and are making progress on the coach.

    Would like to hear more about your time there. We will be at Benbrook Lake the week of Thanksgiving.

  2. I know it was fun to spend time with he family. Hope to see you two on your return trip to Texas.

  3. What fun!!!..Looks like Danielle has grown a foot...Hope you guys get the repairs and adjustments done quickly and get home for Thanksgiving....Hugs to you both