Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It’s A Start

We woke to a beautiful morning, but, with a forecast that promised to take the temperature to the 90’s.  So, Mark


decided to do a little cleaning and polishing on the motor home before the day heated up too much.  While he was cleaning outside, I did a few inside chores.  Then it was off to see about that low tire on the Jeep.  It was just a small puncture…no real problem.

By the time he returned, I had finished most of my indoor chores and we decided to get started on the coach house. After being closed up all summer, it needed to air out.  We got the foil insulation off the doors and windows and the water and breakers turned on.  I swept and mopped the floor.

Next on the list was


assembling the new patio furniture.  It didn’t take us too long and soon


we had the job done.  This is our front patio and


this is our back patio.

After getting the patios set up, Mark assembled the


table for the coach house.  This table is going to work great…thanks Mac and Lynette for the hand-me-down.  I think I might paint it a real pretty color.

After working all morning and part of the afternoon, we decided to head off to the pool for a little relaxation.  It wasn’t long before we were joined by a few others.  Great idea…the water was great and the hot tub was better!

Tonight, I wandered up to the club house and met with several of the other ladies from the village to learn about the RGV Chick Time group.  Basically, this group volunteers at the Rio Grande Children’s Home.  This Saturday, we will be going to the Home to paint pumpkins with the kids.  Sounds like a fun time.

We have now settled in to watch the first game of the World Series and make a plan for tomorrow’s coach house project…I am thinking a trip to Lowes to pick out paint colors will top the list.

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  1. How fun fixing up your new little coach house. Keep us updated on this project.
    I know you will enjoy painting pumpkins. They lucked out getting you for your artistic abilities.
    Have fun..