Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quite and Routine

Not much to report for the last day or so.  Things have been pretty quite and routine.

Yesterday I played Moppa, and took Kourtney and Caden for their flu shots and then Poppa and I took them to breakfast before dropping them off at Daycare.  They both tried to figure out how to stay with us.  I had to promise them another day.

Afterwards, Mark and I headed to Verizon to get an additional phone added to our plan…this one for his mom.  Now, if you want a challenge, teach an 84 year old how to use her first cell phone.  I have warned everyone in her contact list, including the folks that answer the 911 calls!

After several other errands, it was time to swing back by and pick up the little ones.  They got in a little play time before Karen arrived home and whisk them off to soccer practice.

Mark and I then whisk ourselves off to Arlington to Zachary’s baseball game.

Today, Mark was off and about with his mom to run a couple of errands and practice a little with that new telephone.  I was off to run a few errands of my own.

This afternoon, we drove out to Loyd Park at Joe Poole Lake in Grand Prairie to meet several couples, all the guys being retired firefighter friends of Mark’s.  They are camping for a few days and since we weren’t able to join them for the campout, we decided to drive out for a visit and dinner.  It was nice to see each of them and visit for a little while.

Tomorrow, we are planning on getting a few things taken care of around the motor home.  If the weather cooperates, we will be pulling out on Sunday to make our way to Canton to visit with Weldon and Sandy for a couple of days before heading to the RGV.  However, before leaving there are still sleepovers for the little ones, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and hockey games to attend!

Gosh, did I say things were quite and routine?


  1. Dortha, Mike's Dad Nat has a cellphone and he is forever pushing the wrong buttons and then having to call me to get him straightened out--it used to be easy, we had the same phone but I have changed phones. Have fun with those Grandkids--how did you get the flu shot duty, OUCH!

  2. It looks like you are busy, busy, busy! And, it sure sounds like you are having fun. Enjoy!

  3. Sound very busy around there Moppa. I can't wait to see you two. Two more weeks and we will be crossing the border into you wonderful country.

    Take Good Care

  4. Sounds like you have been busy the last couple days. My 90 yr old Dad has a cell phone but doesn't use it very often, his biggest problem is using the computer. Good Luck with Mom!

  5. My dad's fingers are too fat for a cell phone he says. LOL So we just got him a house phone with great big numbers and buttons.

    Karen and Steve
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