Friday, October 29, 2010

More and More Color

We woke to a beautiful cool morning, but the day promised to warm to the mid 80’s.  With a great day in store, we were ready to get back to our painting, but needed to make a trip to Home Depot for a few forgotten items.


By mid-morning, we were back on the job.  Wow, the blue ceiling really showed up in the morning light.

The next color is


called, Winddrift, and is a muted green color.  It is for


the two side walls and the wall behind the washer/dryer.  Then, I picked an accent color called Prairie Smoke for


this little short wall, around the bathroom door, and beside the washer/dryer.  It is only a few shades lighter that the other walls.  If the light is just right


you can see the difference.

By mid-afternoon, we were all finished with the painting and most of the clean up.  We were both pleased with the finished project.  We decided that we would finish this room before painting the bathroom, which is good, since I haven’t yet given those colors too much thought.  So, I guess the next thing is to find just the right furnishings and wall decorations.  I am pretty sure that will mean a few shopping trips.


  1. Looking good.... nice color choices.

  2. That's going to be a cute place! I'll be watching for all the furnishings and decorations to be placed. Love the dragonfly!

  3. Very Very nice Moppah great color choices. I can't wait to see your place at Retema. Soon very Soon.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  4. Nice color choices -- I love working with Behr paint! After reading about Evergreen Park RV Resort (Ohio) in your blog this past summer, we're spending Halloween weekend here -- it sure is a nice park!