Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time To Blog

Okay, guess it is time to write a blog and catch up.  When I last posted, we were heading back to Red Bay to have a couple of new jacks installed.  We did get there and get two new rear jacks installed.  And, I have to say it was done in record time.  We then headed to Tunica for a couple days before making our way on to Texas.

Just outside Dallas, we made a stop for fuel, and Mark noticed that one of the rear tires on the motor home was missing a small piece of rubber.  Nothing that looked too serious or dangerous.  And, then somewhere between the fuel stop and Fort Worth, we got a chip taken out of the windshield.

  Guess Mark has his “to do” list for when we get to Fort Worth.


On October 2, after 4 months and 6,000 miles later, we arrived back in Fort Worth.  Wow…a great summer and lots of memories were logged along the way.

Once we settled in at our RV site at our daughter’s, it was time to start catching up with family.

Kourtney greeted us with the biggest news… 


Her announcement…”I am going to be a big sister”! 

Of course, we were excited with that news and will look forward to a new baby brother or sister in late May.

We have been busy with all the grandkid’s activities.  Lot’s of fun enjoying


Caden and Kourtney and their first soccer season.



Zachary hitting the baseball and


sliding into home…”safe”!

Andrew is


practicing hard for his first hockey game next Saturday.

Lauren is playing volleyball.  We will be going to her game next week.

And, in between catching all the grandkid activities, we have taken care of a few necessary items.  First, it was replacing my computer.  Which is one of the reasons I haven’t blogged.  But, now with my new Asus computer and Windows 7 and lots of storage for pictures I guess I don’t have any more excuses.  It has taken me a little while to get everything installed and up and running and a little tutorial to get here, but at last all is good.

Mark has been busy taking care of that “to do” list I was talking about.  Safelite came to the house to repair the windshield.  I wonder how many of those chips the insurance will fix before they make us get a new windshield?

Then, there was the issue with the rear tire.  He took the motor home to the tire service center and it was determined that there was not enough rubber missing to merit replacing the tire.  Mark doubled checked and they assured him that we didn’t need a new tire and that it was okay to save his $600.00.

However, I guess he was determined to spend some money that day, because, he then went to have the tires on the Jeep rotated.  And, while they had the tires off, it was determined that we needed new brakes.  Well, I guess $300 was better than $600 or $900 which ever way you want to do the math. LOL

We have also been busy with dental appointments and doctor appointments.

Then, on a sad note…we had to say “good-bye” to a family friend this week.  Wayne, a long time friend of the family was 85 and had suffered a stroke.  Not, only was he an old family friend, he was the one responsible for helping  Mark get on the fire department so many years ago.  He will be missed and our thoughts are with his family in the days that are ahead.  May God comfort them in their loss.

In addition to all the activities of the last couple of weeks, we have also been making our preparations for heading to Retama.  As most of you know, last season, we purchased an RV lot at Retama Village in Mission, Texas.  It is the lot in our header picture of the blog.  We are anxious to get there and put a few of our personal touches on the coach house.  Plus, we made lots of friends while we were there last year.  We are looking forward to getting back to the fun and fellowship and hearing about everyone’s summer travels.

So, for now, I think this catches us up…and, Terry, I do promise…to find

time to blog!


  1. Dortha, we've missed you, glad you are back!

  2. Good to hear from you again..Congrats on the upcoming new grandchild. You will be doing these grandkid trips for a looooong time!!

  3. Thank you!! :) I do miss you when you don't blog, my friend. And congrats on the new baby coming. Babies are always a joy.

    Take care!