Thursday, September 30, 2010

For A Reason

This morning we were up and ready to pull out of the campground, when to our surprise, the rear jacks would not retract.  Mark tried to reset them several times without success.  He then made a call to the Tiffin Service Center.  The techs gave him instructions and with Jim's help they were able to manually retract the jacks using a drill motor.  However, this meant that we would not be heading west on I-20 to Texas, but rather back up I-65N to Red Bay.  Thank goodness, we were only 120 miles away.

Well, with jacks, up and engine running, we had our "see you later hugs" from Jim and Ellie and we were on our way to Red Bay.  We arrived there a little after noon and checked in with the campground office.  We found a parking spot out back of service bay 39.  Mark found Jimmy, the service scheduler, and he said he would do all he could to get us taken care of today.  So, I decided that while Mark was taking care of the service issue, I would take off and do laundry.  Soon, he came to report that the motor home was in the service bay and we would soon have two new rear jacks.  Great, I am almost finished with the laundry!

Once the work was complete, Mark went to check out and praise God, the jacks were covered under warranty by just a few days.

We then checked out of the campground office and found ourselves pulling out of Red Bay by mid afternoon with a little different plan than we had this morning.  We decided that we would go up to Tunica for a night or two which is only 180 miles from Red Bay rather than drive the 300 miles to Vicksburg.  It seemed like a plan to me...I mean we can be in Tunica in time to have dinner at Hurrahs with Paula Deen or settled in to watch the A&M/OSU football game.  And, even though this was not the original plan, we will still plan to be in Texas over the weekend.

Now, as we look back as to how our day played out, we do not question why the jacks would not retract...there was a reason.  Yes, we are taking a little different direction to get to Texas, but we do not question that either, there is a reason.  We are thankful that the jack issue was no bigger than it was, and it was fixed without too much effort.  We are back on the road and looking forward to a couple of  fun days in Tunica...Life Is Good and we are blessed!

And...for a reason our day has worked out even though it wasn't our plan!


  1. So glad they got replaced instead of just repaired. And under warranty too! What timing!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. We have the same problem -- rear jacks initially would not deploy, and once they did, one of them simply would not retract. Tried the emergency methods to no avail. The silver lining is that this happened while we were in storage, not on the road. With the deluge and high-winds we've been having, the manual retraction had to be put off until (hopefully) today. Unfortunately, in our case, we are just barely out of warranty ... keeping our fingers crossed that it's a minor issue ... but somehow, I doubt it!

  3. Seems like those levelor's give a lot of trouble, you here it all the time and I would guess they are not a cheap fix after warranty. You guys were lucky. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Everything does happen for a reason, even though sometimes we don't understand at the time what that reason is. Glad the repairs were under warranty.

  5. Glad you got them working right. Be safe on your way to Texas!

  6. Hope you have solved the "jack" problem. We have been doing battle with our jacks also. Not fun but we may have it under control.

    I sent you a pvt email to a flashnet address is that still good?

  7. Mac, yes, that is a good email address, but didn't get a message. Please try again.

  8. Mark,

    I sent it again to and it comes back as "" not valid.

    Send a message and I'll get address from there.
    Sorry for the mess.