Sunday, September 12, 2010

Off and Running

On Friday,

50th Escapade 2010 001

we paraded out of the Elkhart Campground in Elkhart and headed to the

50th Escapade 2010 003

Elkhart Fairgrounds 12 miles away in Goshen.

Once we arrived at the fairgounds, we were

50th Escapade 2010 008

greeted by the parking committee as we were directed to

50th Escapade 2010 009

our parking sites.


50th Escapade 2010 011

is giving Mark a few directions.

It was at this point that we had a little glitch in the plan.  Before Mac could get set up in his site, he began to have trouble with his breathing.  We felt the need to call 911.  The fire department and ambulance came and took him to the hospital.  Lynette rode in the ambulance.  Arlene and I followed in our car.

The ER doctors did some test and decided that he had was retaining fluid around his heart.  With some medication, they felt that he would do fine and could be released that same day.  He is back at the campground and doing well.

Yesterday, we woke to rain that stayed with us for the majority of the day.  However, with rain jackets and umbrellas, we were

50th Escapade 2010 016

out and about around the fairgrounds.  There was plenty to keep us busy indoors with

50th Escapade 2010 018

tee shirts to buy and

50th Escapade 2010 017

volunteer positions just waiting to be filled.

Then there was the

50th Escapade 2010 019

indoor market with lots of vendors selling their wares.

Mark and I also made a trip over to Shipshewana to the the E&S Sales, the bulk food market.  We found several items we thought we needed.  On the way back to Goshen, we made a quick stop at Walmart and then headed to the campground to settle in for the evening.

This morning, we were glad to wake up to what promised to be a beautiful day.  We had time this morning to walk around the fairgrounds and stop along the way visiting with lots of new friends.

We located most of the buildings that we will be using this week.  I thought this one deserved a laugh...the

50th Escapade 2010 015

swine pavilion is being used for the "get fit" program.  This is were we will have our line dancing class.

This afternoon, we gathered in the Commercial Building for

50th Escapade 2010 027

Orientation and Opening Ceremonies.

After lots of introductions, an overview of the week and the Escapades Oath, we were dismissed and the 50th Escapade was officially underway.

Tonight, the Class of 2007 sponsored a Happy Hour/Visitation time.  And, yes, there was lots of

50th Escapade 2010 035

food, fellowship, and fun.

We even adopted

50th Escapade 2010 058

Darrell, Judy, Linda, and Howard into the class!

Tonight's entertainment also included a concert by Johnny Counterfit.  Johnny was selected as a top comedian of the the year by Music City News.  He does more than 25 voice-character impressions.  Very entertaining.

And, and with the close of this day, we are off and running to a full week of classes and fun.

We are looking forward to you tagging along with us.


  1. Mac had us scared! Thanks for the report, and it was nice of H & L to show up to support all the Dreamers. He started this you know! LOL

  2. We are looking forward to following along with you folks via the blogging world.

  3. It sure looks like you guys are gonna have a FUN TIME!

    Wish we were there!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard