Friday, September 3, 2010

Catching Up...

I haven't posted for the last couple of days because my internet connection has been less than desirable.  So let's catch up.

The Gypsy Gathering officially ended this morning with one last round of donuts and lots of "see ya's".  However, I need to back up and cover day 3 and 4 even though they were pretty much like the other two days...

Lots of

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 024


We have tried to absorb lots of information this week.  There were classes on RV Maintenance, Computers, Cameras, Insurance, Tire Safety, Weight, Backing Up Your RV...and on and on.  And, by the time we process most of it, it will be time to move to Goshen for the Escapades and there will more of the same.

And, lots of

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 016

fun and fellowship.

Donna entertained us, with a broom trick...

Step 1...

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 013

Get on a picnic table with your broom.

Step 2...

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 014


Step 3...

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 015

Let go of the broom.

Step 4...

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 023

Leave the broom on the table, hide, and see how many people walk down the street and stop to look at it.

Step 5...

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 020

Go back every once in a while and check for yourself to make sure it is still standing.

And, while the broom was standing alone on the table, we were busy with another trick...this one was sent to us courtesy of my mother.

Sit down, hold out your right leg and make clockwise circles with your right foot.  While making circles with your foot, with your right hand try drawing the number 6 in the air...

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 021

Can't be done!

Did I mention that we were all having fun!

And, in the middle of all this fun, yesterday, Mark and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary.  We want to take the opportunity to thank all of you that sent notes, cards, and calls our way.  We are so blessed.

Now, just because the Gypsy Gathering is over, the fun is far from being over.  Most of us will be staying here at the Elkhart Campground until it is time to move to Goshen next Friday.  We look forward to more friends joining us throughout this next week.  And, who knows there may be an adventure or two while we wait for the move.

Thanks, Nick and Miss Terry for a great rally!


  1. Happy wedding anniversary. Hope you have many more. You and Mark have been blessed with good health and a great family.

    Bev & Jerry

  2. Getting closer to the time when we see you guys again - Save some fun for us-- Can't wait- Wonderful way to spend our honeymoon - - we will arrive on Thursday night or Friday AM very early!!!

    JennyJM and Don

  3. The broom thing looks pretty cool. Sounds like the rally was a good one. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary a little late, and love the broom trip. You are still having way more fun than we are. We are dealing with blow-outs and tire replacement.

  5. Okay so I made it through that rally now on to Goshen lol. Continue to have fun and I will continue to miss all of you.

    Brenda Brown

  6. Happy Happy Anniversary!! I hope you all have a great time celebrating your 43 years together!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)