Friday, September 17, 2010

What's Next?

Now, that almost 800

50th Escapade 2010 099

RVs have pulled out of the fairgrounds, the wifi might be fast enough to post a blog.

Yes, today all that is left of the

50th Escapade 2010 095

50th Escapade is a little clean up.

But, let's back up a couple of days.  We continued to learn from the seminars.  One that I especially liked was "Photo Story", put on by Chris and Jim of Geeks On Tour.  I can't wait to give it a try.

We did our share of shopping in the Market where we were introduced to some great products.  My newest favorite toy might be the "Click Free", a computer backup,  from TechnoRV.

And, of course, the fun and activities continued all week.  There was the

50th Escapade 2010 015

parade of Chapters and BOF's.  In addition,

50th Escapade 2010 018

the pets had their own parade.

There was always time to stop for

50th Escapade 2010 002

a visit with a friend or two.

There has been a nasty stomach bug running around the park this week.  We have all tried to be really careful.  So, some resorted to

50th Escapade 2010 006

virtual hugs.

We were sad to tell

50th Escapade 2010 023

Paul and Connie "bye" a day early.  But, we look forward to seeing them down the road.  Then, yesterday, all too soon, it was time to gather

50th Escapade 2010 047

for the closing ceremonies where there would be many "good-bye's".

As soon as

50th Escapade 2010 060

Cathy finished with this year's business, she introduced

50th Escapade 2010 068

Bob and Molly as next year's Escapade Directors.  Congratulations you will be great!

Next on the agenda was the farewell picnic with entertainment by

50th Escapade 2010 089

Melissa and Larry of "One More Time".

Wow...what a great week this has been!

So...what's next?

A few of us decided to hang out here at the fair grounds for a couple of extra days.  So, tonight, we decided on an after rally "Happy Hour".

Tomorrow, maybe the Apple Festival, or a little shopping might be in order.

Sunday, Mark and I plan to head South.  Our destination...Alabama.  There we will be a stop by Red Bay and then on to Birmingham for a visit with my brother and his family.

Then, it will be time to turn West and set the GPS for Texas.  It is past time for grandkid hugs.  We are looking forward to spending time with them before heading South for the winter.

As always, thanks for stopping by to visit.

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  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun, we sure missed being there, but maybe next time. Molly looks like with that bandana and all she is ready for a shindig next year in the Cowboy State. Travel Safe.