Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And...It's Only Day Two!

The day started at 7:30 with coffee and donuts and by 9:00 the morning class sessions were under way.

While I finished up here at the motor home, Mark  was off to a class where he learned all about Bicycling for RVers.  Next, he was off to  the vendor's building for his assigned security job.

I made it over to catch part of the session on cleaning the RV.  I wondered through the vendor building and then headed back to the motor home for lunch.  This afternoon, I attended three of the Geek's on Tour's sessions...

The first one was,

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 002

Managing Digital Photos With Picassa.

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 004

Karen and Arlene were there too.

Next was a class regarding

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 010

E-Mail Issues On The Road, and immediately following was a class about using Google Earth.

Wow, was my brain on overload after 3 hours with these two!  And, I can't wait until tomorrow to attend more of their sessions.

I made it back to the campsite in time to

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 011

sit and visit for just a little while.

We were pleasantly surprised to hear from Bill and Kathie Bevington this afternoon.  They came by the park for a short visit.  We are looking forward to spending some time with them in a couple of weeks at Escapades.  Bill and Kathie are friends from Retama.

Soon, it was time for us to head back to the

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 014

big tent.


Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 016

had Brenda up and dancing for a little pre-program entertainment.


Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 023

Nick showed up and it was time for door prizes.  Lots of winner tonight.  After the door prizes, it was time for the fun to begin...

The Hoosier Honey Beauty Contest.

  I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves..., but, I will give you a little hint...

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 032

Mark escorting Mac

 Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 047


Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 054


 Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 059

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 066

Jim escorted Chuck

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 077

and last but not least was Frank.

Now, one last look at all the

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 086

contestants...and the winner is...

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 094

Jim.  Wow, he is one talented "Geek"!

Tonight's fun with these guys collected us

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 096

$450 for Care!  Way to go guys!

So many laughs at these guys expense.  I not sure anyone can top tonight's fun!

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