Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Just Happens

I can't believe that we have been here almost two weeks and the rally hasn't even started.  We are having so much fun.

We have had a great time seeing old friends.  But, how great is it to be able to meet new friends, or finally get to meet people that you have communicated with on face book or through blogs.

Yesterday, we all loaded up and headed for the

Elkhart, IN 001

RV/MH Museum/Hall of Fame.

The foundation was formed in 1972 and their mission was to honor leaders who had been instrumental in the growth of the industry.

The guys

Elkhart, IN 005

took care of the admission.  Like all other museums, we started with the

Elkhart, IN 007

introductory movie.

Afterwards, we were own our own to tour the building.  We looked at some the

Elkhart, IN 013

newest appliances on the market.  Donnie, Karen, and Ellie are checking out the under the counter refrigerator/freezer.

Cummings had this

Elkhart, IN 015

engine on display.  Lots of nuts and bolts...

Then it was on to look at the oldies...this was the way to

Elkhart, IN 019

camp in 1923.


Elkhart, IN 020

maybe you would have had this Tennessee Traveler.

Jim is looking for Ellie

Elkhart, IN 032

to ask if he can trade his motor home in on this nice yellow one.


Elkhart, IN 027

I would hold out for this one.  It was built in 1988, using a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Chassis and a 1976 Olds Toronado 455 engine.  It was designed to fit a standard garage door.  It is 270 inches and weighs 5400 pounds and is 83 inches high.

How about this about full timing.  The Boatman's

Elkhart, IN 046

purchased this 8X23 foot trailer in 1940 for $1,972.00.  Following Mr. Boatman's jobs building municipal water towers around the country, they lived in this home form 1940 until Mrs. Boatman's death in 1988, 48 years later.

During that time, they changed nothing of the original equipment and all of it remains in tact.

Elkhart, IN 048

It features one cold water tap, no bathroom, an icebox without refrigeration, a gasoline fueled cook stove and a fuel oiled heater.

This is the

Elkhart, IN 047

living room.

Can't imagine what they would think

Elkhart, IN 053

of today's rv's.

As everyone finished the tour, they

Elkhart, IN 055

gathered in the lobby for a committee meeting regarding...what else...lunch.

We all went in different directions with different agendas, but we all ended up back at the campground in time for happy hour and snacks.  This is where we spent the rest of evening...just visiting.

Today has been a pretty laid back day with everyone doing their own thing.  Again, we all seem to know when to return to the campground.

The rally starts on Monday, and Nick already has the big tent up.  Lots of folks have now settled in here at the campground so we decided to move our Happy Hour time to the

Elkhart, IN 065

tent.  We are still catching up with old friends and there is not a day that goes by that we don't get to meet someone new.

We took time out to sing Happy Birthday to

Elkhart, IN 073

Connie and Brenda, before heading back to our end of the campground.

Mark and Jim

Elkhart, IN 075

seem to be our official grillers...tonight they are roasting up some good old fashion hot dogs!

Of, course, by the time

Elkhart, IN 079

dinner is served, there is a table full of goodies.

It is for certain that no one is going hungry around here.  Thank goodness for those morning walks and line dancing!

And, again...the after dinner fellowship is priceless.  Tonight, we decided it was time to bring out the cards.  So, several of us headed to the club house to see who could be the Hand and Foot winners tonight.

There were four tables of cards going on at once...and I think it is rumored that ALL THE GIRLS WON!

We are all having such a great time...

Fun Just Happens when you are among friends!


  1. Museum/hall of fame is a a fun place. I really like the library with all the old magazines and other records of the RV life gone by.

  2. I can't help but wonder what they will think of our RVs 70 years from now?