Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Hanging Out

After all the morning rituals...drinking coffee, walking, planning, drinking coffee, line dancing, and drinking more coffee, I think there was finally a plan.

We all headed out for the Shipshewana Market Days.  It was typical of most

Elkhart, IN 006

other flea markets.  Lots of socks, t-shirts, and tools.

My best find was a 10 pound box of Michigan blueberries to add to what is left of my 10 pound box of Maine blueberries.

Not too much to see, but it was a nice afternoon outing.

Soon, it was time to head back to Elkhart where we planned

Elkhart, IN 016

to meet up with everyone for dinner.  Tonight's menu was a baked potato bar.  Everyone baked their own potatoes and then brought a topping to share.

We were delighted to get to see

Elkhart, IN 025

Dee and Jim for the first time since they hit the road as full-timers.

Along with Jim and Dee and Jim and Ellie, Mark and I were honored to be officially adopted by the Escapees Class of 2007.   What a great bunch of folks.

There was lots of

Elkhart, IN 023

story telling going on and

Elkhart, IN 017

picture taking and

Elkhart, IN 019

yummy food. This was a chocolate cake that Arlene made in the crock pot.  She topped it with vanilla ice cream.

Once again, we stayed outside, laughing and visiting until the mosquitoes got the best of us and forced us to say our good nights.

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but, I know there will be one and we will all be ready and willing.

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  1. Chocolate cake. Yum Yum. I just read another blog where they had a potato bar. Good idea. What you going to do with all those blueberries? If you have a few minutes, come by and meet Jonathan and Nellie Tate - The Midlife Cruisers at my blog - A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings http://acamphosthousewifesmeanderings.blogspot.com/. Take care...