Monday, August 30, 2010

Eastern Gypsy Gathering Rally 2010

As the day dawned in Elkhart, Indiana, so dawned the first day of the Eastern Gypsy Gathering Rally 2010.

  We have heard so much about these rallies and are really excited to be here.  We have been here two weeks and have enjoyed participating in what I call  pre-rally activities...line dancing, meeting new friends, visiting, etc.  Now, we are ready for the start of what promises to be a great week of learning mixed in with a lot of fun.

The morning started with Connie helping with

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 006


  Miss Terry was busy

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 008

signing up a few new comers and keeping control over all that was happening.

There were plenty of

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 010

sign up sheets for volunteer help. about an

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 009

official rally tee-shirt.

The vendors were all busy

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 007

getting their booths ready for opening day.

Outside, I ran into

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 004

Chuck proudly wearing his rally badge.


Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 002

was busy at the booth of the Too Crazy Ladies.  They are the ones that make all the badges and pins.

Once we were registered, Mark and I made a run to Goshen to pick up his new eye glasses.  Perfect fit and now he can see better.  We also made a stop by the Wal-Mart store to return that cute little DC Cooler we purchased a couple of weeks ago.  It seems that it doesn't work quite like it was suppose too.  I know, Darrell, you told me so.  Guess it is back to the ice chest and a bag or two of ice.  At least, now the cold drinks are cold like they are suppose to be, not just cool.

We made it back to the campground in time to join all

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 026

the others for the official

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 020

welcome from Nick and Miss Terry.  They have worked so hard to get ready for the rally.  I hope now they can just enjoy it along with the rest of us.

All of the

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 029

vendors took a minute to explain their products and/or seminars to us.

There was an afternoon break for happy hour and dinner.  Then around 7:00, we all gathered back

Gypsy Journal Rally 2010 021

at the tent for evening announcements and door prizes.

Tonight, Arlene and I won restaurant certificates and Ellie won a patio rug.

After door prizes, everyone wandered back to their rigs for the evening.  Tomorrow's events start early with coffee and donuts at 7:30 and class time will start promptly at 9:00.  So many good ones, I am having a hard time picking out the ones I want to attend.  Guess, I better get busy and decide!


  1. Have fun!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Hey Dortha, do you feel the DC cooler is sufficient for fruit, lunch meats, etc? We are considering one for picnics on long trips, and hate to get the meat, cheese, etc wet from ice. Your thoughts are appreciated.. By the way, Im still jealous... Jeremy

  3. Mark & Dortha,

    Have a great time. We have been to one rally in WY and it was so much fun. I read your blog daily and I sure have enjoyed.

    Bev and Jerry

  4. Jeremy...I would love to tell you the little cooler worked well, but...we took it back to Walmart. It kept freezing up.

    Hope the school year is off to a good start for you.