Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mark's Birthday Shopping

After hearing the pitter patter of rain on the roof throughout the night, neither one of us moved too fast this morning.  However, by 7:30 or so, we realized that the rain was gone and it was time to get out of bed and out for our walk.

I was out and back before Mark this morning and  was just heading over to the clubhouse for line dancing when he returned to the motor home.  He had met up with some of the guys in the park and they were just walking and talking.

It was around noon when I returned.  After a little discussion, we decided to take a drive over to Goshen in search of Pearle Vision. 

We found it without any problem and was able to make Mark an appointment for tomorrow.  He has been needing to get his eyes checked and really has been in need of some new glasses.   It has been a couple of years and his glasses have become pretty scratched and worn.  We decided since we would be in this area for several weeks, it would be an opportune time to take care of that appointment.

In the same shopping center was Chili's, and it was past time for lunch.  Works for me.

There are several salvage and surplus stores in this area.  All of the them full of RV supplies and stuff!  So, on the way back to Elkhart, we decided to stop by Arrow's RV Surplus Store.

Let me just say right now, letting Mark go in there was like taking a kid to a candy store.  He found lots of stuff and then he found a few things he couldn't live without...

There was the

Elkhart, IN 006

new sewer hose complete with fittings,

Elkhart, IN 007

two new locks for the pins in the tow bar,

Elkhart, IN 005

four new heavy duty jack pads, and 

Elkhart, IN 008

the nice lady even gave him a catalog for future shopping.

We then headed back to the campground so he could check out all his

Elkhart, IN 002

new stuff.  And, all the time, I am thinking, this is great, he just took care of all of his own birthday shopping.  So, tomorrow, all I have to do is say...

Happy Birthday, I Love You!

I mean new glasses and a few new RV toys, what more could a guy ask for.


  1. Wishing Mark just a little early "Happy Birthday" - we'll be on the road towards y'all real early in the morning. See you soon!

  2. Happy birthday Mark from TX.
    Hope you have many more birthday and good health.

    Jerry & Bev

  3. It's always fun to watch a kid with his new toys. Happy Birthday Mark. I just bought the same sewer hose system two days ago and I want some of those nice jack pads as well. See you guys soon. Darrell

  4. Happy Birthdfay Mark! I would have loved to have shopped with you. Let's know how you like the new Rhino hose. Those jack pads appear to be the nicer ones.