Friday, August 6, 2010

Takes So Little...

When I returned from my morning walk, Mark had finished reading blogs and was waiting for me to give him the plan for the day.

  I am not sure and I don't care, but, it has to include laundry.

We proceeded to load up the laundry, cameras, snacks, brochures, etc. and head out.  According to the "Where" app on my Droid, the closest laundry was about 12 miles away in Hyannis.  Hey, sounds like there might be a plan in the making.

Now, laundry is laundry, so we will fast forward through that chore.  I will note that when you do laundry in Hyannis, the cost is $2.50 per load and 25 cents per 6 minutes for the dryers!  Total cost of doing laundry today $14.50.  Well, it had to be done.

By the time I was finished with the laundry, we were ready for lunch.  We found a Wendy's, my favorite fast food place.  I love their chili and side salads.  Yummy.

Laundry done, lunch done...time for some fun... and this looks like

Cape Cod, MA 005

a good place to start.

Sorry, like the sign photography!  You will just have to take my word for it...they were making potato chips and lots of them.

Here are a few facts about potato chips...

The Cape Cod Potato Chip Company was started in 1980, in a store front kitchen.  It has grown from a few people making 200 bags a day to a plant operation that is capable of making 350,000 bag a day...but they have not changed their method...

"Kettle small batch at a time."

It takes 4 pounds of potatoes to make 1 pound of chips because potatoes are mostly water.

For the 40% less fat potato chips, they use only select potatoes that have a lower sugar level.

Approximately 39 million pounds of potatoes per year are used at this Cape Cod plant and it takes 1,400 acres to produce that many potatoes.  Since potatoes are seasonal, they are purchased from small farms from Maine to North Carolina. all good tours, we ended up

Cape Cod, MA 006

  in the gift shop.  And, our free tour only cost us

Cape Cod, MA 077

a few bags of chips.

We decided that we would drive down to the Hyannis Port beach.  Now, this is were the fun began.

We met up with this

Cape Cod, MA 022

seagull, who had just spied his lunch.

  However, he was having trouble cracking the

Cape Cod, MA 024

he got a running start,

Cape Cod, MA 028

took off for the sky, and

Cape Cod, MA 029

dropped his catch to the ground.

  Then, he would find it and

Cape Cod, MA 020

bring it back to the beach.

When it wouldn't open, he would once again

Cape Cod, MA 038

take off and

Cape Cod, MA 032

throw it to the ground.

Finally, after several attempts, he broke it open enough to have lunch.

Glad I don't have to work that hard for my food.

While at the harbor, we took a picture of this

Cape Cod, MA 048

house thinking it might be part of the Kennedy compound, but I am not sure.  If it isn't, we were still close according to Google Earth.

Anyway, whoever it belongs too has a

Cape Cod, MA 045

great view.

From the beach, we spent the afternoon shopping

Cape Cod, MA 051

in Hyannis.  While I was shopping in this

Cape Cod, MA 058

cute shop, Mark and

Cape Cod, MA 059

his new friend did a little people watching.

When I had shopped myself out, we headed back to the campground by way of

Cape Cod, MA 074

6A which is the

Cape Cod, MA 075

scenic route off the Cape.

What a great day...and it took so little to entertain us!


  1. All the pics are great but the ones of the seagull are fantastic. The timing was perfect for those.

    Glad you had a good day. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. The Cape Cod Chip tour has been on my list for awhile. They are the only chips I really like.

    Great pictures!

  3. Great pictures of the seagull earning his lunch - there's no such thing as a free lunch. Good picture of Mark and his buddy; which one is Mark? Please pass the chips!!

  4. Was that seagull named Mikee? I have trouble feeding myself too!