Monday, August 23, 2010

Four More...

Today started out much like yesterday...leisurely.

There was walking and visiting and sitting and visiting.  As the morning wore on, there was more walking and laundry and line dancing and everyone doing their own thing.

Now, you all know that before anything can be planned, we have to first know when, where, and what about food.

  So, early on we decided that since this was a travel day for Donnie and Karen and Chuck and Kathy, we would plan to have dinner here at the campground.  Everyone would furnish their own meat to grill and we would all go together and bring something that would go into a big salad.

  Jim, Donna, and I decided we would make dessert.

Sounds like the food plan is under let's get on with the afternoon activity.

Since it would be a couple of hours before the others arrived, we all decided to head out to the Arrow Distributors...the RV supply store where Mark and I shopped the other day.

I wanted to look for an outdoor rug...which

Elkhart, IN 001

I found, and liked well enough to bring home.

When everyone had looked and looked and bought and bought, it was time to head back to the campground.

By the time we arrived,

Elkhart, IN 002

Donnie and Karen and Chuck and Kathy had arrived and were all set up.

We all begin to

Elkhart, IN 003

gather at Keith and Donna's rig.  Lots of different conversations and

Elkhart, IN 004

problem solving going on in this group.

Finally someone decided it was time to get dinner started.  The guys headed off to

Elkhart, IN 006

heat up the grills while the girls got the rest of the meal put together.

Elkhart, IN 005

Dinner is served!

The evening concluded much as it does every evening where there are a bunch of RVer's gathered together.

And, that is with

Elkhart, IN 009

everyone sitting around telling stories about who knows what!  But, what fun!

Finally, the mosquitoes and the chill of the evening sent everyone home.

Now that our four more have arrived, we can get on with some serious fun.  And, we are starting tomorrow...See you from the Shipshewana Market Days.

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