Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Great Finish To A Great Week

Gosh, I can't believe that we have come to our last day here in Topsham at the Maine Event.  What a great week we have shared with old friends and new friends.  And, today was no different.

By 8:00 this morning, we were ready to load up and head out.  However,

The Maine Event 002

Bandit was not too pleased that he was having to stay behind.  Sylvia promised him they would be home before dinner time.

We made the hour drive from Topsham to

The Maine Event 182

Booth Bay Harbor where we found our

The Maine Event 006

cruise ship waiting.

At around 10:00, the

The Maine Event 097

captain backed out and we headed through the bay for our 2 hour cruise.

We saw

The Maine Event 019

lobster pounds,

The Maine Event 086

and the lobsterman that keep the markets in business.

And, while these guys are hard at work, these folks

The Maine Event 172

are hardly working.

Our journey then took us out in the open waters were we saw

The Maine Event 072

the harbor seals enjoying the rocks during low tide.

And, there was the

   The Maine Event 119

Osprey nested high above the water on this channel marker.

We saw, not just

The Maine Event 045

one lighthouse, but

The Maine Event 154


And, there were the kids

The Maine Event 105

learning to sail, and

The Maine Event 174

those that have mastered the skill of sailing.

We loved looking at the many

The Maine Event 141

summer cottages that

The Maine Event 138

line the banks of the harbors.

Soon, it was time to head back to Booth Bay where we started our cruise.  And, once docked

The Maine Event 011

this bunch said..."Feed Me".  So, we were off to find lunch.  The choice was McSeagulls and chowder, shrimp, and crab was just a few of the items that were delivered to our table.  Once again...yummy.  I am going to miss the Maine seafood.

After lunch, we spent the afternoon walking

The Maine Event 188

the streets, looking for the

The Maine Event 192

unusual.  Mike...she really wanted the hat, but we talked her out of it.

I think

The Maine Event 202

this group is shopped out and ready to get back to Topsham.

Again, what a great week!  Thanks, Darrell and Judy for including us in the Maine Event.   We look forward to seeing all of you down the road.  And...

The Maine Event 201

We loved Maine!


  1. So glad you enjoyed your week in Maine. It's easy to get hooked on that food for sure...

  2. So glad you all had such great fun in Maine at the Maine Event!! We sure wish we could have been there. Maybe another time!!
    We've certainly enjoyed being with you guys via the blogs!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. What a great week we have had with the "Main Event". With this crew, you could go anywhere.
    Loved the time with Friends.

  4. We were sooooo glad that you guys joined us - what a great time we had!!! We're looking forward to seeing you guys again at the Escapade and hopefully we can get together in Texas in January. In the meantime, have safe travels and enjoy Cape Cod.

  5. Thanks for taking us along, loved it. Felt kind of bad for those p'or folk in those "little" summer cottages.
    See ya soon,

  6. Thanks for coming! We sure did enjoy sharing our small part of Maine with all ya'all. We look forward to meeting up again! Thanks for protecting me from that hat!!!


  7. "Cottages???" Looks like three families could live in those dwellings! :) They sure are beautiful, though.

    I enjoyed the Maine Event thru the blogs, too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Safe travels to you. Maybe we'll see you on your way south!

  8. Thanks for your great tour of Maine. I can hardly wait to got there, hopefully this fall. I can't wait to catch up with you guys and have that long awaited visit.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  9. Great pictures of your travels. I just love Maine! Drop by Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings when you have a few minutes. I'd love to hear what you think of my newer work.

  10. Wow what a wonderful tour and such great photos! Soo picturesque and quaint---

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. Wow what a wonderful tour and such great photos! Soo picturesque and quaint---

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard